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Although flight delays may be something we need to learn to live with this winter, this does not mean that there is nothing we can do to reduce the risk – and there are four airlines in particular when it comes. Wanting to avoid delays. So far this summer, no airline has a good record, but with the best performing airlines in the US having a quarter of a third of all flights delayed, choosing the right airline can really make the trip stop.

Fortunately for passengers, we have a low level of air travel over the past few months, with frequent arrivals and delays. Find out which four airlines are best for avoiding flight delays and which airlines you want to avoid completely.


Delta has been one of the most successful airlines in the United States over the past few months in overcoming delays. The Atlanta-based airline has embarrassed some of its rivals, with a 19% delay in May and a 21 percent delay in June. Although these figures appear to be high, the worst-performing airline Jetbull for those months showed an average of more than 30% of delayed flights, which means that one in three of their flights could not fly in time – this is very annoying passengers. .

Delta’s relatively good performance has cost passengers a fortune, as thousands of flights have been cut off from the airline’s network to continue providing high-quality services – a move that appears to have cost the country a second place. The largest airline. While Delta flight is not guaranteed on time, travelers are offered a smoother flight experience than any other airline in the United States today.

United Airlines

Not far from the Delta, United Airlines has consistently posted the lowest number of flights by any US airline in the last few months. In May and June, only 23% of the airline’s flights were delayed – 30% less than last month’s second-worst Southwest Airlines. He said that despite their good performances, it was not their fault that United played a significant role in the delay.

Just last week, United Chief Operating Officer John Royman criticized the airline’s significant delays as a percentage of air traffic control personnel.

“We estimate that more than 50% of our delays and 75% of delays in the last four months are due to FAA traffic management initiatives – especially in New York and Florida,” he said. In addition to disrupting the schedule, these ATC challenges can save staff time during the month.

Air traffic issues or not, United is one of the safest bets to avoid delays this summer.

Spirit and Alaska

At United and Delta, the supporters are Spirit Airlines and Alaska Airlines. So far this month, both airlines have seen relatively slow rates, but posted 80% and 81% performance on July 3 and 4 – the second highest and third highest in the US. Only behind the Delta. The spirit and Alaska can be a wise choice for travelers who want to avoid the delays this summer, despite the difficult conditions of the July 4th holiday.


Beyond the coin, there are some airlines that should be avoided as much as possible if you want to arrive on time. Algiers Airlines was delayed by July 3 and 4, 39 percent, and JetBlue was delayed by 36%. The third worst performer was Southwest, with 29 percent of its flights delayed at the same time.

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The three most delayed delays in air travel are American Airlines.

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