The Mexican government has confirmed that the Maya train will start from Cancun in 2023


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The Mexican government confirmed its wish this week Mayan Rail Project Continues as planned, a The deadline for 2023 has been set. Although there have been some major obstacles in recent times, including the temporary halt in the construction of key units, Cancun will soon be connected by train To many other hot spots on the Yucatan Peninsula.

A young traveler seems to be happy on a train ride, listening to music and looking out the window, she is training the concept of travel.

The first train was so controversial that it kept the train off the charts. From inciting the anger of the hotel owners, who He strongly opposed it It is unlikely that the construction of railways near their shores will be delayed any time soon, following strict environmental assessments. until now.

Starting next year. Tourists can travel extensively on the Riviera Maya.Once upon a time, including the most inaccessible indoor sites

Quick Description What is a Maya train?

Train tracks on the bridge, the concept of train travel

Maya train, or Screen trend In Spanish, it is 948 miles long city train Has been in operation for some years. It is still Mexico’s bold attempt to ease the voyage into the densely populated Yucatan Peninsula. Three of Mexico’s most famous statesThe name is Yucatan Quantum Ro And Campeche.

While highways in Mexico provide access to various cities and destinations outside of the hit road, the country has. They did not invest much in railway infrastructure.Like its North American counterparts until recently. Although its main purpose is to increase tourism in lesser-known areas, Train Maya will greatly improve communication for local residents.

The proposed Maya Railway, Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya, Mexico
The proposed Maya Railway, Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Starting in Palenke, it travels northeast of Chikapas in the Yucatan region to Cancun. It surrounds the entire historic peninsula. The train will run to Chetumal, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Porto Morelos on the East Coast. Easy access to all major tourist destinations In the Mexican Riviera Maya.

On the north and west coasts of the peninsula, visitors can travel by train to Nuevo Exca, Valladolid, the famous city of Colombia. Chichin IzaIzamal, historical MeridaResidence of Mexico’s ancient cathedral and San Francisco de Camppech. Along the south route, destinations include Boca del Sero, El Triunfo, Iscarcega, Xpujil and Bacalar.

What did the president really say?

Train the concept of travel as a male traveler makes his way to the train in summer clothes

Regardless of the court battle with environmentalists He urged the government not to move forward Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Orador has finally confirmed the Maya train, citing irreversible damage to archeological sites known as the fifth grade. Leaves Cancun Terminal ‘2023’

During his press conference, Obrador reaffirmed that the launch of the train was a ‘government issue’ and reaffirmed that it would be fully operational next year. No date specified.. In addition to reiterating his full commitment to the project, the president also criticized the opposition for pursuing its own agenda and called it “corrupt.”

What is the condition of the Maya train?

Chepe Train, Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Los Mochis, Mexico

Although Obrador’s statements are comforting, and he seems strong The remaining tracks will be rescheduled to start next year, To resolve the ongoing legal dispute. Earlier this year, a Yucatan judge ruled that no further tracks should be placed on the fifth floor until further assessment.

This stretch may be One of the most important on the train mapThe Maya ruins connect the famous Tulum with the Playa del Carmen Paradise beaches, approximately 37 miles away. In addition, until the class is completed, Cancun is cut from the South Riviera screenAll trains to Chetum are going to Tulum.

Tulum Ruins Archaeological Complex, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Quintana Ru, Mexico

Mexico’s National Tourism Promotion Fund Fonatur, one of the officials behind the sector, has made significant progress. That is, Four of the 7 classes had growthBut due to pending environmental and archaeological assessments, the expansion of Tulum-Playa del Carmen not at all Among them.

A.D. On July 3, at the construction site, Obrador visited Merida-Cancun Road or Part Four, starting at Izamal and ending at Cancun International Airport. This route runs for 159 miles and is based on Obrador’s claim. 50% complete. Surprisingly, this is the first time the president has made such an improvement.

As air travel turns into chaos, train rides are on the rise.

A high-speed bright line arrives at the train station

As air travel descends into chaos, there is a shortage of staff at airports. An increasing number of passengers are switching to alternative transportation. To prevent it from being affected by the increasing flight delays. Train travel is one option, and driving in some parts of the United States has increased by 25 percent compared to last year.

After two years in prison. The Antarctic Crossing Service to Canada resumed last monthRestoration of international rail travel between the United States and its northern neighbor. In Europe, Germany has introduced a modern railway system that allows passengers to travel to various destinations in the country. 9 euros only.

A happy Asian woman watches her phone at the airport.

Unbearable Discount During the summer, the German government bid to alleviate and promote air traffic congestion. A lasting journey. Once upon a time, Sleeping trains are coming back. And when the slow / lonely travel trends reach their peak. You’ll get our point of catch- Even though the airlines are not together, no one seems to be in a hurry to fly anywhere..

Not surprisingly, then, Mexico wants to invest in its own railway infrastructure. More traine screen updates are available on the Mexican Government website and on our partner The Cancun San, among others. Off-road enterprises Special product in Cancun / Riviera Maya News.

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