Steve Blank Technology, Innovation and Great Power Competition

For 25 years as the sole Superpower, the US neglected strategic threats from China and a rearmed Russia. The country, our elected officials, and our military committed to a decades-long battle to ensure that terrorists like those that executed the 9/11 attacks are not able to attack us on that scale again. Meanwhile, our country’s […]

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vine arora

Vine Arora, Biography, Age, Sex, Girlfriend, Relations , Films, Web Series

Vine Arora (born 1st July), also known as Vinay Arora, is a Men with ambitions and courage. He is a Bollywood Singer, a Film producer, and a serial Entrepreneur too. T-Series launched him as Singer through his First music Album “Diamond Vargi” in 2019. Vine Arora launched his Production House – Paperstone Productions in the […]

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2022 How to Get VAXCERTPH Online (Digital VACCINE CERTIFICATE Download Steps)

2022 • 02 • 07 The Department of Health (DOH) and the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) have recently launched VaxCertPH, a website where you can get a digital vaccine certificate. This online portal would provide a more standard vaccine certificate that people can use when they travel. Initially, when the portal was still in soft-launch, […]

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