TCC Tour Brands has announced the launch of the Jordan Travel Affair


Why do you think so? TTC Tour Brands’ MAKE TRAVEL MATTER experiences are just a few of the unique ways the brands are committed to responsible and sustainable travel, and now travel consultants can learn about these experiences firsthand by experiencing them in Jordan. – Lacey Pfalz, Associate Writer, Traveler Pulse

TTC Tour Brands announces the inaugural, one-of-a-kind MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® FAM to Jordan for travel consultants passionate about sustainable travel experiences. FAM is partnering with the Threadright Foundation and Royal Jordanian to educate travel consultants about MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences, how to get selected, and the role they can play in supporting TTC Tour Brand destinations around the world. The unique experience will take place in Jordan from December 2, 2022 – December 7, 2022.

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“We are proud to offer experiences that go beyond immersing ourselves in destination culture and specifically support issues at the heart of the communities our guests visit,” said TTC Tour Brands Executive Director, Guy Young. Programs are an important part. Our hope for this FAM is not only to reward travel advisors who go above and beyond for their brands, but also to demonstrate the value of choosing brands with a passion for sustainable travel and how it supports the individual efforts of the travel advisor community.

On this trip to Jordan, guests will travel to popular destinations in the country, including Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and more. Travel advisors will experience the MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience by visiting the Al-Amir Women’s Association in Iraq, a former Threadright project to help local women preserve their heritage. Travelers will learn how the women make soap from olive oil and handmade greeting cards from recycled paper. Mentors participate in a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® workshop; Learn how to put these experiences to work and get in-depth behind-the-scenes insights from The Travel Corporation (TTC) and industry leaders.

Other experiences on the trip include meeting with TreadRight leaders, Shannon Gaihan and Parisa Pouram, to learn what responsible travel means to TTC Tour Brands and how they can further communicate that to guests. Travel advisors will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra’s Rose Red Facade, the Roman Amphitheater and Citadel in Amman, the Crusades in Shobak, Wadi Rum and more. Travelers also visit the Bedouin Amarin Camp where they can enjoy a traditional dinner with a Bedouin tribe under the stars at their camp and Trafalgar for a “be my guest” dinner experience with local Jordanians.

Travel consultants interested in participating in the experience can view more information here and apply by contacting their local sales manager or emailing Twin share prices start at $1180 per person with $300 per person for a limited offer for one supplement.

Source: TTC tour brands press release.


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