Adelman Travel Enhances Guest Traveler Experience, Launches New Solution, Elite Guest Travel Management


MILWAUKEE, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adelman Travel introduces Elite Guest Travel Management (GTM), an end-to-end solution designed to address the growing need for corporations to attract qualified staff, manage project-driven travel activities, and support low-profile travelers. To efficiently manage travel, payment, expenses and payment for any guest or non-profiled passenger. The unique solution combines technology and high-touch service to provide a superior travel experience for the guest traveler and a simplified process for the travel agent.

The Adelman Elite GTM is ideal for all types of guest travelers, including contractors, vendors, customers, training attendees and new hires, field and flight crews, and traveling medical professionals. The flexible design allows Adelman customers and companies using alternative TMC for their business travel programs to take advantage of the solution.

“After listening to our customers, we identified the need for an additional solution to manage the “guest” traveler. Jason HorsmanPresident and CEO of Adelman Travel. “Many companies lost employees during the pandemic and are now struggling to replace them. Therefore, they are routinely bringing in candidates from faraway places for interviews. The first travel experience can determine how a candidate perceives and decides on the company. Whether they accept a job offer or not, Adelman’s approach is always to create new products that meet the changing needs of our customers; It’s about designing services and solutions, and we’re committed to staying that way.

Adelman’s Elite GTM solution is supported by Elite VIP service and active travel disruption management with a representative agent service. The team proactively manages the experience with the guest travel coordinator to ensure that customer and guest traveler needs are always met. With a “follow the traveler” model, Elite GTM provides 24/7 access to agent-booked and self-service bookings, fully encompassing the organization’s travel policy, preferred vendors and contracts throughout the process.

“The responsibility of registering for this type of travel often falls on the shoulders of the human resources department, which wastes time that they cannot afford to spend on this task,” he said. Jeff OchaitaAdelman’s director of customer technology and global solutions. “Elite GTM simplifies the entire process. Additionally, we design self-service options that allow customers to combine the best digital solutions to meet their needs. With the self-service option, travelers can easily capture invoices after making their own travel arrangements. Submit their expenses and receive automatic payments for any ancillary expenses.”

Other features of Adelman Elite GTM include customized payment options, including virtual and mobile. Full reporting and travel tracking; Simple expense reconciliation; And a simple subscription price.

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Adelman Travel Group Headquarters Milwaukee, WisconsinIt has been providing high quality corporate travel management services to clients for over 37 years, and continues to evolve into one of the largest and most respected TMCs in North America. Adelman creates customized travel, payment and expense management programs to meet the unique needs of each corporate client. Adelman Travel is BCD’s wholly-owned travel midmarket division, operating in 109 locations worldwide, offering global, regional and local expertise. To learn more about the Adelman Elite Guest Travel Management (GTM) solution, visit:

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