Radisson Hotels handles 100% carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.


Radisson Hotel Group has become the only hotel group in the world to cover 100% of assembly and CO2 emissions globally. This is a network of nine brands and 1,500 hotels worldwide.

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A.D. Since the launch of the 100% Carbon Free Meeting Program in 2019, the team has compensated more than 30,300 tons of CO2 at no cost to its customers, equivalent to removing more than 6,500 cars off the road.

In partnership with one of the world’s largest carbon receivers, Radisson Hotel Group’s 100% Carbon Free Meeting Program compensates for carbon offsets and reduces three GHG emissions to its customers. .

Carbon footprint is calculated for each meeting and then compensated by gold standard or certified carbon standard (VS) accredited projects.

Continuous growth

These projects will contribute to sustainable development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by tackling climate change.

• Clean cooking and clean water program in Kenya

• Wind farming projects in Turkey, India and the United States to generate green electricity;

• Peruvian Forest Conservation Program and

• A biogas project in rural China that provides reliable operation to reduce methane emissions and generate heat for more than 4,000 households.

Radisson Hotel Group, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications, Eng. Hubrechts, said: .

“Radisson Hotel Group is a global pioneer in actively compensating for carbon emissions from conferences around the world since 2019. As the world recovers and its attendance increases, the Radisson Hotel team will be able to offer 100% carbon-neutral meetings. Return to meetings permanently.

100% Carbon Free Meetings is part of Radison Hotel Group, a broad-based business program that aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by working closely with property owners, builders and architects. Moreover, the team aims to integrate science-based targets with COP21 by 2021.


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