Oasi Cashmere is taking Zegna to the Alps.



The Zegna Oasis Cashmere Collection takes its name from the 100 square kilometer Oasi Zegna in the lush Biella Alps of northern Italy, home to its first woolen mill in 1910. The brand has changed its position – it is 30 times larger. New York’s Central Park – Entrance to Nature Park in 1993.

Since then, the Oasis has become a symbol of Zegna and civic values, especially the desire to create harmony between people and the environment. This ‘sustainable spirit’ has seen more than 500,000 trees (and counting) planted in the park, following founder Ermnegildo Zegna’s first reforestation project in the 1930s and numerous community outreach programs. ‘All roads and paths begin with Zegna and lead to Aussie,’ says the house.

Oasis Cashmere by Zegna

Folded Oasi Cashmere Sweater by Journalist

Top, shirt, £1,130; High, £930; Pants, £1,425, all part of the Oasis Cashmere collection, by News

(Image credit: Photography: Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

The Oasi Cashmere Collection captures this same spirit of harmony between land and man in a symbolic offering that reflects Zegna’s commitment to making the house’s cashmere fully visible by 2024 – from the raw natural fiber sourced in Mongolia to the finished product. A variety of pieces that represent the very pinnacle of cashmere craftsmanship, not only classic sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks, but also shirts, tailored jackets and sweater-style pants, all cut from different cashmere textures.


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