NFTs and Dao are the foundation of a new era of highly disruptive innovation in the fashion industry.


What is the Meta Man Fashion Club DAFO? focuses on the intersection of fashion and technology. The main goal of the DAFO Management Token is to facilitate and encourage collaboration among members of the fashion industry, including top fashion brands, designers, 3D modelers, visual artists, photographers, marketers, professors, students and C-level executives. DAFO NFT allows all participants to communicate in a secure and transparent manner without the need for central authority intervention, as all participants can comment and vote on initiatives funded by the DAO treasury.

“When people try to define virtual fashion, they mistakenly repeat the same steps in real life (IRL), even if the current value distribution system is broken and unfair. At DAFO, we believe that it is your desire to define your unique fashion identity and collective. The projects are based on who you really want to be. They are, not your job title or how many dollars you have in your pocket. July 22 Ethereum 2014 crowdsale as tax Vitalik Buterin Utility NFTs and DAOs will forever create new business models like ours.” – @2864 #DAFOUNDER is an incubator that generates new generation ideas. It allows people to share their ideas with the community and get feedback, help and funding. In our ecosystem, every member is an active part of that, contributing their knowledge, skills and project ideas. We are building a new way of generating ideas and bringing them to life. aims to take advantage of the current digital tokenization revolution to help people create a fully functional, sustainable and open metaverse community. We change the way fashion is created, sold and consumed. Using blockchain technology, we make it more accessible, transparent and fair for businesses and people alike. At DAFO, you can find like-minded people who share their vision and creativity, and are always happy to give advice, mentorship and feedback.

Join the #FSHNFTR revolution

The revolution has just begun. You can join us and be part of the next big WEB3 by getting your unique membership/government token during our daily auctions. The DAFO token price for each club participant is determined by an auction, which repeats every day forever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Who can buy a DAFO management token to become a member?

Whether you’re an aspiring designer, brand CEO or simply someone who loves fashion, you’ll be warmly welcomed into the community. This collection helps to fund projects, provide education and partner with businesses and other organizations to support community development. Again, it’s a collaborative model where members support each other, not just another WEB3 consulting firm.

What makes an independent democracy? is a community of innovators and creators united by their passion for fashion, technology and social change. Anyone can join the community to submit their ideas and projects, and token holders can vote on all submitted initiatives. 1 NFT = 1 vote. Our members collaborate to imagine, build and implement innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems. The community supports projects and initiatives in the fashion industry by providing financial resources based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

Why are some DAFOUNDERS unknown?

We believe that we can help people identify themselves by choosing to be completely anonymous or build with their real names to quickly achieve our shared mission. We are people from different backgrounds, and it doesn’t matter where we come from. We do not ask our members about their ethnicity, social status or gender. Furthermore, we do not consider a person’s family background or the color of their skin. Everyone is unique, everyone has different talents/abilities, and everyone’s opinion matters.

Twitter: @metaDAFO
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Media Contact: Olivier Nadeau, PR Officer +44 7727 400844 (or local 07727 400844) [email protected]

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