Coachella fashion is basic this year, and Tick has a theory as to why.


Many people look forward to Coachella, the music festival that kicks off the holiday season and winter, to see what their favorite influencers and celebrities are wearing over the weekend. However, this year fans were overwhelmed by some celebrity sightings that seemed to err on the side of basics. With simple jeans and a white tank top, these outfits are not what people expect from a festive weekend. And with many fans feeling confused, Mandy Lee, who goes by @oldloserinbrooklyn on TikTok, shares her theory on why fashion has changed in an on-stage video.

In the video, she explains that there is a difference between the A-list celebrities and influencers who attended this year’s music festival. She described celebrities like Hailey Bieber and the Jenner sisters as “very easy.” But the “quiet luxury” trend may be related to the general trend of uniformity and basicity that they feed on. Quiet luxury is about opting for high quality and expensive but flashy pieces – rather sophisticated and timeless.

But the change may be because these A-list celebrities are no longer their teenage selves. Sometimes it’s the business owners and the faces of brands that come with the responsibility of representing those companies rather than themselves. According to Lee’s theory in the Tik Tok video, clothing is no longer an important way for these celebrities to signal their status.


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