Aditri Singh: The Rising Star in Indian Entertainment Industry

Aditri Singh

Aditri Singh is a young actor and model who is rapidly making her mark in the Indian entertainment industry with her exceptional talent and stunning looks. Born on 22nd April in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, Aditri has already become a household name in the industry.

Aditri’s physical features are a standout factor, as she stands tall at 170 cm (5’7) and has a weight of 57 kg (126 pounds). Her figure measurement is 34B/26/35, and she has captivating brown eyes and dark brown hair that accentuate her looks.

Aditri completed her schooling from Vidhya Mandir and later pursued her graduation from Invertis College. Despite hailing from a small town, Aditri had an innate passion for acting and modeling, which led her to the industry. She has already worked on two music videos and a small role in the Bollywood film Gunjan Saxena featuring Janhvi Kapoor in the lead role.

Aditri Singh
Aditri Singh

With her talent and dedication, Aditri has already signed up for two more music videos and a short film with multiple production houses. She is determined to make her mark in Bollywood and has been working tirelessly towards achieving her goals.

Apart from her career, Aditri is a person of varied interests. She is a theatre enthusiast and has participated in several plays. She is also an accomplished dancer and enjoys playing badminton in her leisure time. Her well-rounded personality can be attributed to her zodiac sign, Libra, which signifies balance and harmony.

Aditri is a proud Hindu and takes immense pride in her Indian roots. She is a family-oriented person and has always been close to her parents, B.R. Gangwar and Shanti Gangwar, who have been her pillars of support throughout her career.

Aditri Singh is a rising star in the Indian entertainment industry, and her talent and beauty are sure to take her places. Her hard work, dedication, and passion for her craft have already earned her recognition in the industry. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors and hope to see her continue to shine in the industry.

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