This $20 Amazon bestseller is the secret to making long flights more comfortable.



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Consumers claim it’s a “game changer” for improving circulation.

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It’s not uncommon for your body to feel bloated during long flights, but while it’s normal, it can be uncomfortable. Your arms and legs are generally the first things to expand, so it can be helpful to take early steps to reduce discomfort and improve your flight.

Great for travel and everyday wear, the top-rated Paplus Ankle Compression Socks are currently on sale at Amazon for $20 for a pack of six pairs. Suitable for both men and women, these ultra-comfortable socks can make a difference in the ease of your air travel, and make for a better walking and sightseeing experience once you’ve arrived at your destination.

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to buy:, $20 for six pairs (originally $26)

With over 38,300 perfect ratings on Amazon, these best-selling compression ankle socks are proven to do the trick to reduce swelling and support healthy circulation during travel and everyday activities. A compression device is known to be effective in limiting swelling, cramping and general discomfort by allowing oxygen and blood to flow more easily through the body and these socks provide that.

These lightweight yet durable socks are low-cut and breathable, absorbing sweat and moisture to help keep your feet cool during wear. Well-constructed and extremely comfortable, the nylon and spandex material provides a strong fit that still provides full range of motion while providing additional arch support and protection for the Achilles, limiting the risk of injury. The six-pack comes in sizes SM and L-XL in black, grey, white, navy, pink and electric blue.

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to buy:, $20 for six pairs (originally $26)

Frequent travelers say they’re impressed with how effective these socks are at reducing swelling, with one consumer writing that their “ankles swell” while flying, but after a “four-hour flight,” they had “very limited swelling on me.” Travel” and “No swelling when I’m working at home. Another customer said they “reduced swelling and fatigue during long flights,” and a third added that consumers “got just what the doctor ordered.”

Even customers who spend long hours on their feet attest that these socks make a world of difference, with one consumer saying these socks “saved my vacation time” as they worried about their trip after an ankle injury. The five days” and “no swelling in my ankles or feet” and “no fatigue”. Another customer also called them a “game changer,” adding that they “won’t slip back into my sneakers,” cause blisters, and even come “packed in a reusable Ziploc bag on vacation.”

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to buy:, $20 for six pairs (originally $26)

Bloating is one of the unfortunate side effects of a long-haul flight, but that concern will be a thing of the past when you pick up a six-pack of Papa’s Ankle Socks for just $20 on Amazon. Lightweight, well padded and incredibly compressible, these socks should be a staple in any traveler’s wardrobe for a more comfortable flight.

At the time of publication, the price started at $20.

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