The Reebok x Botter concept sneaker hints at the future of footwear


At the last Paris Fashion Week, Reebok, New Guards Group, HP and Dutch luxury brand Boter Venus Comb have teamed up to launch a new 3D-printed concept sneaker dubbed the Murex Shell.

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Designed to combine the ethos of both brands, the Reebok x Boater concept sneaker combines Boater’s love and commitment to the ocean with the unique texture of the murex seashell, which in mythology was used by the Greek goddess Venus to comb her hair. A vintage Reebok football silhouette, Botter’s 2017 reimagining of the Botter ‘Bunker’ style.

Reinventing design and manufacturing

The unique shape of the core shoe was created by the HP 3D printing team in Barcelona using a technology called HP Multi Jet Fusion. Once printed, the gray sneaker was hand-dyed to complement the Caribbean tones featured in Boater’s FW23 collection.

The brands describe the end result as “not just an innovative luxury item, but a sustainable alternative to traditional sneaker production.” HP Multi Jet Fusion is designed to revolutionize design and manufacturing by unlocking the full potential of 3D printing and more energy-efficient techniques.

The process is focused on zero waste, uses a material called TPU after recycling, and is convenient for making products that can solve overproduction after sales.

“HP has built a team of 25-year footwear veteran footwear industry specialists led by Don Albert. This team has developed an end-to-end solution to help footwear companies large and small achieve their goals in fashion and performance using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.” Head Francois Minec shared.

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Source: Submitted

“We enable new levels of design freedom, faster and more efficient product development, and a more sustainable local manufacturing process. This collaboration with Reebok and Booter is a great introduction to the world of footwear for HP solutions.”

Commenting on the multi-brand collaboration, New Guard Group Head of Footwear Nathan Jobe commented: “NGG and Reebok have a rich history in street and fashion culture. It is very important to find a like-minded partner in the world. Boater is part of our community.

“We were delighted to be able to support their show and showcase the amazing HP technology in action. This partnership represents a design-driven journey that celebrates culture and heritage.”

“We are excited to co-imagine a new future of footwear and apparel with Reebok. We aim to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability while embracing Reebok’s heritage,” added Botter Rushemi Botter and Lisi Herrebrug.

A creative journey

The Reebok x Botter Concept sneaker is a project by HP Engineer that represents Reebok’s first leap into innovation, sustainability and fashion.

“We know that partnering with the New Guard team will allow us to push the needle, bringing new concepts and unexpected collaborations to consumers,” said Reebok CEO and President Todd Krinsky.

“I’m incredibly encouraged by what we’ve been able to achieve in such a short time and this latest release with Botter and HP gives a small taste of what’s to come in this long-term partnership.”


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