Ruby Hotels pays for staff tattoos.


(CNN) — In the post-pandemic world of hospitality, finding the best employees is everything. Now a hotel group has decided to lure star workers by offering them a golden handshake – a free tattoo if they stick around for six months.

Germany’s Ruby Hotels, which has 16 properties across Europe, is offering new hires up to 500 euros ($511) to get a new tattoo, piercing or haircut upon arrival for six months of employment.

And a little more than a month after the program launched in June, applications to work with the brand have already increased by 25% – even though it’s summer vacation time in Europe.

“Given the labor shortage in the hotel industry across Europe, this is a very satisfactory result,” Uta Scherer, vice president of human resources at Ruby, told CNN.

Uta Scherer, who oversees the campaign, has tattoos herself.

Uta Scherer, who oversees the campaign, has tattoos herself.

Courtesy Ruby Hotels

The campaign, she said, is partly attention-grabbing — but more importantly, it’s about attracting the kind of employees they want in their hotels: “the character, soul and individuality of team players,” the company wrote in a statement.

“Ruby wants to empower its employees to create their own success stories, express their individuality and show it in the workplace.”

“We like people with personality and that’s what we want to communicate,” Scheurer added.

“The mix of individual characters is what creates Ruby’s passion and success,” Scherer — who has tattoos herself — told CNN.

Ruby Hotels are all a little out of the ordinary.

Ruby Hotels are all a little out of the ordinary.

Courtesy Ruby Hotels

She continued: “Tattoos, piercings and hairstyles are very personal.

“They are different for everyone, they are sensitive for everyone, they have meaning. At Ruby, every employee can and should be themselves. As many companies say, we will prove it with this campaign.”

She added: “By the way, everyone wants a tattoo [not piercings or hairdos]. This shows that it has struck a nerve in our approach.

And if current employees feel left out, they won’t stay for long. The plan was so good that they expanded it. When an existing employee is hired, the brand pays for each tattoo.

The campaign will run until the end of the year.

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