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WINTHROP — Whether you’re making dough starters, learning how to bake or becoming an amateur mixologist, many people have taken up a new hobby during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was flower gardening for Rachel J. Ramsdell.

“In the year “When the outbreak started in March 2020, my situation was out of control and I needed something to help provide for my three children,” she said. “I happened to stumble upon some YouTube videos of flower farming, and thought I could do this from home.”

Business flourishes for the Winthrop woman

Rachel J. Ramsdell stands at her flowerpot, called Leah’s Garden, on the side of the road at 11 Winthrop on Friday. Christopher Laney/Watertown Daily Times

Business flourishes for the Winthrop woman

All of the flowers sold at Lea’s Garden Roadside are grown at Ramdell House in Winthrop. Christopher Laney/Watertown Daily Times

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