Louis Group works with Red Academy to help young South Africans get involved in IT work


The independent software development training academy, launched by Redpanda Software, has announced a partnership with Luis Group, a high school graduation program designed to give high school graduates the opportunity to pursue their IT work quickly on real projects in the Southern Region. Africa’s largest retail trade. The first program of the academy began on June 1, 2022.

Jessica Hawke, managing director at redAcademy

Jessica Hawke, managing director at redAcademy

RedAcademy MD, Jessica Hawkey, partnered with South African enterprises to quickly track youth employment, which is crippling youth unemployment.

“Our mission is to give Redpanda software, its customers, the IT industry in general and the South African economy a sustainable opportunity for young software developers to take advantage of this. , Which allows us to expose the so-called sprinters to real-life programming flexibility and resilience, ”says Hawkei.

Lewis Group, a valuable partner of Redpanda Software, which manages enterprise software development, is a proud South African company committed to supporting and nurturing young people who do not have access to formal higher education. Furthermore, the rapid transition of young people to work is in line with the country’s strategic importance.

According to Arno Geldenhuis, head of information technology at Lewis Group, the partnership will provide a tangible way for the group to grow South African youth. “A good corporate citizen has a responsibility to contribute to the community and RedAcademy provides an exciting opportunity for young people to make a difference in the start of IT work. This partnership is a natural evolution that follows our fruitful relationship with Redpanda software.

The runners work directly with IT professionals at all levels. The advantage of this, says Hawkei, is that part of the talk is changing the environment for high-speed enterprise software development. “This is designed to keep track of their work quickly because from the very first day they learn teamwork, accountability and a high level of responsibility.”

What sets the course apart from other athletes is that if the athletes finish the year well, they will be given appropriate and timely skills training and on-the-job training.

“There is a huge demand for talent in the IT sector and in our sector, and this partnership represents a strong step forward in delivering it. On the other hand, our partners will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of young people, especially youth unemployment.” It will make them the top candidates for the IT profession, Hawke said.


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