From passion to profession “Pentagon Motion Pictures”

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Some people seem to know what they want to do for a living from an early age. Others struggle to find the best fit. You’ve probably heard that the way to find the career path that’s right for you is to “follow your passion.”

“Pentagon Motion Pictures” founded by Akbar Raza, Creates Commercial  Videos for companies so that they can connect with their Customers easily .

Akbar Raza always wanted to convert his passion into his profession, for which he started working hard from starting . It all started in 2012, when he randomly uploaded a video on youtube talking about his school, because he did not have anything to talk about . One day his teacher introduced him to a Short film making inter school competition. so he participated in that competition and ranked 3rd in it. It was not just a rank 3 certificate for him, it was a life changing moment, because now he knew what he wanted to do in his life. 

Challenges faced by Akbar Raza

Akbar Raza was the elder son of his family . His parents wanted him to do engineering . But he was not at all interested in engineering . To fulfill his parents’ desire he did engineering and side by side followed his passion . Beside this, he didn’t have good resources too .But he never lost hope and worked hard. The thing which  kept him going was the belief ”that no matter how difficult the situation is, if you keep putting efforts even when the world is against you, it’ll all start falling into place at some point”. 

How Akbar Raza Discovered a new field for himself …..Read More

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