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A private business and social club in Greenville that was founded 40 years ago is undergoing a $1.75 million renovation and rebranding.

Business Club members and their guests will see changes in every part of the Club this fall.  (Photo/Chris Merriman)Dallas-based BNG Hospitality, owners of the Greenville Business Club at 17Th He said they will create a “new club” on the ground floor of the One Liberty Square building at 55 BT Plus in downtown Greenville.

An exclusive yet inclusive club was established and continues to provide members with fine dining and personalized service in an environment that facilitates interaction and camaraderie.

The club currently offers 360-degree panoramic views of Greenville, personalized dining and service experiences for breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee butler service, active monthly member activities and events, shared and individual work spaces, wedding venues, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, Business meetings, conferences and more, and secure parking.

BNG in Charleston, Tampa, Fla. San Antonio, Texas; and Costa Mesa, Calif. Jim Coyne, Founding Partner and Executive Vice President, Greenville Commerce Club Members have access to numerous business clubs and social clubs around the country.

BNG bought the club a few years ago and Coyne said they fell in love with the Greenville market.

“Greenville is a very up-and-coming town,” Coyne said. “It’s been a long time since the club did anything, and we wanted to revamp it to make it more modern and relevant, cleaning up the wear and tear of the past years. We celebrate Greenville’s past, present and future renewal.

Coyne said they expect to begin renovations in July with hopes of reopening to members in the fall.

While they’re still working out the final details with DP3 Architects, Coyne says “every space in the club will be affected.”

The details of the renovation should be completed in the next two to three weeks, he said.

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