Elon Musk politics is dividing consumers.


He heard from Tesla in June that the car was ready but returned from the purchase, losing the $ 250 order he had paid. Tesla told CNN that his mood changed after Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter. Musk has since indicated that he wants to withdraw from the deal to buy the social media company.

Simon is one of the many electric car buyers who have developed new strong feelings about Muk and Tesla in recent weeks.

Tesla driving has always been a way for users to demonstrate environmental and sustainable values.

According to Americus Reed, a professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania at Warton, consumers are deeply connected to brands that share or value their values. Tesla has taken advantage of strong, identity-based loyalty with car buyers, and competes with top brands such as Apple and Nike.

On March 28, 2022, a Tesla dealer passed by in Chicago, Illinois.

“In fact, the strength of the relationship for people in Tesla is out of the question,” Reed said.

According to interviews with 12 recent car buyers, some car buyers are drawn to Tesla because of their different beliefs or beliefs.

He has a mask in recent months It is called Democrats are a party of “division and hatred” He joked Returning Cocaine to Coca-Cola Compared to Twitter CEO Joseph Stalin Challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that a “viable virus will destroy civilization” in order to fight Ukraine one by one.

Simon said he feels for Tesla employees who have shares in the company. Tesla’s stock fell 31% after Musk agreed to buy Twitter. The S&P 500 is down 11% over the same period.

Simon thought the stock price was a sign of a lack of trust in Tesla. Although Musk has said he wants to withdraw from the deal since then, if he chooses to take legal action against him, he could now face a longer court battle.

In Philadelphia, chief executive Simon said it was “very difficult” for their employees to find opportunities.

“It’s a real life thing for those people,” Simon said. “It’s very unpleasant.”

California’s Steven Kronenberg Mook announced that he would support Republicans and canceled Tesla’s solar roof this spring.

Tesla also said he would not like to see a lawsuit filed against black workers by the California Civil Rights Agency.
“If you want to spend money on a hobby lobby or Chick-fil-A or Tesla, you can do that,” Kronberg told CNN Business. “I have many other options.” (Chick Phil-A’s temporary donation to same-sex organizations and Hobby Lobby were in the middle of a Supreme Court decision.
Elon Musk

Kronenberg says it is ordering an electric vehicle from a Tesla competitor.

Businesses have historically had some influence. Budweiser After the Super Bowl announcement in 2017, he seems to have lost popularity among conservative counties, while Ben and Jerry have received support for same-sex marriage and black life, according to marketing professor Vanita Swimatanatan. University of Pittsburgh.

Professor Reed Musk of Pennsylvania describes what people like or dislike as “lightning rods.” He sees Musk and Tesla as people who are already so divided over him, that he will soon consider them free from musical behavior. Masks can be used to stimulate strong emotions rather than indifference.

“If you’re a public figure, you probably want to be cruel,” Reed said. “Like, eh, whatever, Ford CEO, who cares?”

According to Swimatanatan, the risk of a mask on Tesla sales and branding may not be significant because the automaker has a strong trademark and is known for its creativity.

“Tesla’s own brand could serve as an insurance policy and the CEO’s position could limit the damage to the product,” Swimatanatan said.

Eric Corkran, of Colorado, has long loved a mask that he sees as a stimulus for personal freedom. Corkran, a pro-Liberian, said he wanted to be unlimited, and had done a lot of freelance work in his career. He loves the Tesla Model X he bought earlier this year.

Corkran says he cares about social justice issues such as gender and race, but feels that they are paying too much attention in schools at the expense of math or science. Corkran watched this spring as Mook moved to buy Twitter and reacted to political criticism.

“What do you know?” Corkran recalled thinking in May. “I’ll drop $ 100. I’ll get a Cybertrack car.” Although Tesla’s Cybertrack is not yet available – production was originally expected to be completed by the end of 2021 but is delayed until 2023 – potential buyers are likely to buy one for $ 100.

Musk says the truck is available and hopes to ship it by 2024.

Lisa Morris, who lives in Louisiana, ordered Tesla this year to save fuel during a long drive to get her granddaughter out of school. Tesla’s wife says she will be the first of her friends.

“Morris has 1,000 Republican clients instead of 100,000 Democrats,” Morris said. [customers]. “

After announcing that she did not support the Democrats, Morris said she was more than happy with the purchase.

Morris added that she would not respect businesses that hide their support for Republicans.

Scott Wilson of California, owner of Model Y, has ordered Tesla for the second time this year. But he said he had a second thought and intended to cancel the order.

“I don’t want Tesla cars to be the new MAGA hat,” Wilson said. “I don’t want to be seen as a rich jerk, and I don’t want to be seen as a political conservative, freedom fighter.”

For the time being, Wilson kept his order. He says the mask has helped keep him calm on Twitter for the past two weeks.

Other car buyers say that Muscat’s efforts will not change their decision other than Tesla and his political views.

Steven Con, who bought Model 3 this year, said he sees Musk as an American dream and appreciates what he has done to fight climate change. But he also finds Musk’s political views to be “small by the reforms.”

“I make the purchase decision based on what I feel is the best price for me and my family,” Cohen said. “It’s not based on a political party.”


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