Azerbaijan Fashion Week focuses on emerging talents and famous brands


The 14th Azerbaijan Fashion Week was held from May 22 to May 24 at the famous Stone Chronicle Museum in Baku. This much awaited event attracted the attention of local and foreign designers as well as fashion enthusiasts who gathered to unveil the latest designer collections.

Azerbaijan Fashion Week Art Director Sayad Dosibayev gave important insights into the development of the country’s fashion industry in an exclusive interview with Saber News. Dossybayev acknowledged the great growth and emergence of new talents in the Azerbaijani fashion scene.

“When we first started, we had a core group of designers in the country. However, we have seen significant expansion as new names and faces emerge,” Dosybayev said.

The main theme of the 14th season revolved around the concept that fashion is not only an artistic expression but also a profitable business. Dossibaev emphasized the importance of adopting a business-oriented approach for designers who want to show their collections.

“Presenting one’s collection at fashion week is not a cheap endeavor. It requires significant financial investments to create and produce a set, cover model costs, and meet various other requirements. Additionally, designers must consider staffing, logistics, current affairs, and collaboration with buyers. It is important for designers who want to consider all these things, especially the financial aspect. It’s a challenging journey that not everyone can handle,” explained Dosybayev.

Dosybayev concluded by expressing his hope that Azerbaijan Fashion Week will serve as a platform for individuals to express themselves as designers, enhance their creativity and create opportunities for growth in the industry.

The choice of Stone Chronicle Museum venue made the three-day event even more attractive. Famous for its impressive stone and historical monuments, the museum provided the perfect backdrop for the fashion shows. Designers from Azerbaijan, France, Kazakhstan and Ukraine presented their unique collections.

Every day, two Azerbaijani designers captivated the audience with their unique creations, while other designers from various international destinations showed appreciation. The event showcased fashion collections designed by local and foreign talents, featuring famous Azerbaijani brands such as ESCA LANA, Gulnara Xalilova, Natavan, NY Gyul and Mario Russo. Kazakh brands such as Zherebtsov, Alliya, MA ALI, August, Sadakr A-Sain Kids and GDA also made their mark. Acclaimed international designers including Georgia-based Naz Mayer and France-based Ukrainian designer Lyubov Makarenko added international flair to the event.

One of the famous participants is Azamat Sain, a Kazakh fashion designer specializing in children’s clothes.

“I have visited Azerbaijan several times with my collections, and each time, Azerbaijan Fashion Week has offered something unique,” Sain told Caspian News.

He said he is happy with the team of hair stylists and makeup artists this season, but would like to see more local designers focusing on active children’s clothing.

“We showcased a collection of children’s wear with a touch of tradition, such as floor-length dresses, and beautiful picnic wear that showcases Kazakh DNA. Keeping children’s comfort in mind, we used natural materials like cotton, linen and viscose,” adds Sain.

Sain, who launched his own A-Sain Kids brand in 2015 after running a modeling agency since 2011, has revealed plans to present his collection at Georgia Fashion Week in the future.

“For this event, we are preparing a couture collection that includes embroidery, handicrafts and Swarovski stones,” he said.

Azerbaijan Fashion Week It has been held twice a year since 2012. The eye-catching fashion show aims to increase the exposure of the country’s fashion industry and create an enabling environment for designers.


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