Top 10 most read start stories on Sifted in 2021


Our most read stories of 2021 reflect many of the latest trends and discoveries in the industry – from metrover to quantum computing.

But it was also about people; We broke up with Daniel Dins, the richest UiPath founder in Romania, and we saw what life was like for founding partners (partners) and black women founders who would increase capital. And we really found out who is getting rich…

So here they are – the most eye-catching articles on Sifted this year

1 / Revolut has turned more than 70 employees into millionaires.

Photo of Revolut founder Nik Storonsky on stage at a conference
Nik Storonsky, founder of Revolut

The evolving European technology ecosystem must mean many millionaires. Nowhere is this more true than in Europe, the second most valuable private company.

At least 76 past and present employees now have a stake in Revolut in a seven-digit price analysis of company records. Among them, they hold more than a dozen $ 10 m + shares. That includes longtime soldiers like Alan Chang Controls operations in Revolut As well as executives such as Revolut First CFO, Peter O’Higgins.

2 / Investors and founders say 15 Meters start

A.D. 2021 was the year the concept of metavers came into the language for Mark Zuckerberg – and the VCs began to pile up. European investors and founders have shared with us 15 eyewitness companies in Europe from Iceland to Poland. France.

3 / Beginner’s Guide to Scale (and Make Money in it)

Net readers, you really were into the label, right? From the birth of the Word to the 1992, our in-depth technology Guru Mai Palmer traveled with readers in the Metavers evolution to represent the most exciting and collective imaginary world where people gather to play, communicate and work.

4 / Gorillas dying The new WeWork?

Photo: Gorillas.

There is no sector in European technology that has received more press and encouragement than this year’s fast grocery store. One of the most well-funded competitors was the Berlin-based Gorillas, who broke the record of the fastest European technology company. To get Unicorn rankings in March.

But with rapid growth, the gorilla will inevitably grow sicker this year. Cifid spoke with nine people who accused the company of arbitrary shootings, driver exploitation and warehouse workers, as well as hate speech at its headquarters. Others have raised questions about business modeling. How does the story end?

5 / Former investors in Deliveroo will get 60,000% of their money back

Ah, the opportunity for first ticket investors. Get in touch with RocketShip Technology and get the answer, astronomy, as Deliveu’s early investors revealed when the shipping company made it public earlier this year. Although the market price remains below Estimates before the listing: Early investors, such as Index and Houston, are not sure if they will go home happy as predicted by this article.

6 / Top 10 Unicorn Universities in Europe

University and postgraduate programs create strong relationships – some of which form the basis of a joint venture. Cifidd looks at universities in Europe with $ 1 billion.

7 / Europe’s Top 30 Young Venture Capitalists

Harry Stebbings
Harry Stebbings

When Gen Z enters the workforce, they are also making their mark on the VC. We have compiled the top 30 young VCs across Europe with companies such as Speed ​​Invest and Hartcore Capital. Some young people like Harry Stepping have set it up Their own money.

8 / Early investors are on track to make 220,000% return on UiPath.

Romanian robot automation process UiPath’s US specification was a victory for European technology – and a wake-up call for VCs. The $ 1.3 billion IPO was a guarantee that big European companies could be established anywhere, and investors who worked hard, Sifted, received the right reward.

9 / The discovery of salt halves the cost of storing solar energy

Undoubtedly, Sweden is a technological capital of European influence, proud of private energy companies such as the giant Northvolt and (a little) Seborg, the next generation of nuclear power.

One of the biggest problems with wind or solar power is finding a good way to store it. If you want both heat and power – at a low price – there are a few good options. Siborg has come up with a solution that is cheaper and more efficient than the current technology, and could be a game-changer.

10 / Hint: Quantum computers will soon be installed on your phone.

Putting a small quantum computer on your desk – or a satellite, car or cell phone – is no longer a dream come true. Thanks to the development of qubits using artificial diamonds, the first such machines began to be delivered accurately to existing customers. The technology is being marketed by Startup Quantum Brilliance, a coalition of investors led by Main Sequence Ventures and the founders of the Australian quantum service company QxBranch, which is based in Reggae, raising nearly $ 10 million.


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