Taking Small Steps to Big Dreams: Author Deeksha Tripathi

“Literature does not exist in a vacuum. Writers as such have a definite social function exactly proportional to their ability as writers. This is their main use.” -Ezra Pound

Authors composing literature generally aim for either of three things- entertainment and fun, to prove their literary strength or to bring a change in the society they are living in. Deeksha Tripathi is an author who falling in third category. Tripathi who though a true patriot feels there is still a huge gender gap in Indian society which needs to be removed. She is trying to do the same through her writings. Deeksha has authored six poetry books so far. She chooses to write in the language used by common urban folks in India to reach wider range of readers to spread her message. Recently her book ‘Being a Man’ collection of poems dedicated to men was chosen by Amazon India for it’s Prime Readership Program.

Deeksha Tripathi started her writing journey as an author 3 years back in mid 2019 during the COVID 19 first lockdown. Earlier she was blogger sharing inspiring stories of women around the globe on her blog wonderfulwoman.in During the lockdown someone casually suggested her to write a book on women. She liked the idea. Soon she she penned down her first book I am in Love with Myself a collection of 50 poems dedicated to women voicing the issues of voiceless women suffering in silence.

After the success of her first book, she went on to write 5 more poetry books- 50 Shades of Life & Me, Being a Man, Shivaay, Kuchh Ankahe Ehsaas and Not a Superwoman.

So far, Tripathi has written only poetry but she is planning to write a non-fiction self help book next. The reason behind this is, her DMs on Instagram where people often seek her help for mental health and self-image related issues since she is a Psychology Lecturer. So she feels, it’s her ‘due’ to society which she must pay off by writing a handy and useful guide to anyone having self-doubt.

The biggest challenge Deeksha has faced yet in book writing journey is marketing. She feels, ‘Making your work available to masses is a big challenge. You need to promote your book a lot as even a book with great content, if not read by your targeted readers will go waste. Promotion in today’s time needs a lot of money which a newbie author often finds difficult to manage.’

Deeksha loves reading Najwa Zebian, Rupi Kaur and Chetan Bhagat. Among social media icons, she finds the content created by Ankur Warikoo and Raj Shamani very useful and inspiring.

For Deeksha, writing is not a way to stardom Or making money. She says, ‘Writing let’s me breathe. It let’s me pour down all my pent up emotions and feelings on paper. I feel so free and relaxed after writing. It’s just like a medicine which heals me. It also helps me inspire people to break stereotypes.’

She believes, the skills mandatory for every author are being true and honest in expressing himself/herself, having a genuine interest in writing and a purpose. Without these skills anyone will fail miserably.

Deeksha feels, it’s important that the content you are writing strikes a chord in your reader’s heart. It should also help them in overcoming the problems in their lives. She loves to break stereotypes and stigmas prevalent in our society through her works and is determined to keep doing so.

You can follow Deeksha Tripathi on Instagram by following her handle @authordeeksha.


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