Strange star Jamie Campbell Bower mocked Veknan’s ‘unfinished business’.


Strange Things 4 It ended in action on Friday, July 1, with two highly anticipated episodes in Volume 2. And while many questions remain, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many Not with a long bullet.

Spiral Warning Closer- If you want to get rid of destroyers for strange things Season 4, as we discuss the highlights of the season, stop reading here.

The big bad thing of the season is that it attracts comparisons like genre icons A nightmare on Elm Street.Freddie Crueger and Helicopter ‘Pinhead is behind the massacre of teenagers in the city.

With each new murder, a new door was opened connecting Upside Down to Hawkins. And as time went on, Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Shinp), Steve (Joe Kerry), Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heton), Max (Sadie Sink), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Nicole (Prilla Ferguson) ), Dustin (Gaten Matarazo), Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and the rest of the gang raced to stop Vekna and save the world.

Although they all went down to eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). At the end of Form 1, she learned that she had created Upside Down after she had won the laboratory system Henry (Jamie Campbell Bower) – “One”, the first patient of Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modin) and Victor Krill (Robert). Englund) Psychological young man.

Eleven did not kill everyone in Hawkins Laboratory, it was Henry. And after their first earth-shattering fight, the eleven-year-old chased him downstairs, which eventually turned into season 4’s nightmare Vekna.

The robber follows a multi-pronged approach to killing the perpetrator once and for all, and the two are once again at the end of Form 2, the end of the long season. Following a series of formidable broadcasts during this season, Vekna was repeatedly shot, burned, and killed – but she did not die.

Now, with Hawkins’ fate, and the world, hanging on the scales, it is only a matter of time before Vekna returns to the big, and even more, the next series of creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

Rotten Tomatoes Talk to Jamie Campbell Bower to learn about Vekna’s future inspiration. In our discussion, Bower put together a great battle with Eleven, the physical challenges of the role, and more scenes of future physical fighting.

This interview has been edited for a long time and transparency.

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Aaron Printer for rotten tomatoes; Now that Upside Down is pouring into Hawkins, what do you think Vekna’s initiative is heading into Chapter 5?

Jamie Campbell Bower I have an unfinished business with many people ልን Let me tell you that. There is much work to be done. So I think there is still bitterness. In the midst of it, I think, in the laboratory and now, it has strengthened his belief system and his desire to change the world.

The show finally gave us a big boss battle between Eleven and Vecna. What kind of talks did you have to prepare the show and plan the choreography? And how difficult is it to move in cosmetics and prostate?

Bower mourning In terms of choreography, he has never been a sticker. I think the best thing about working with Matt and Ross is that they have a tendency to know what they want and get things done, and to be able to explore the place and get what they want. So the point was never to be Oh my God this doesn’t work. You know, it’s always a very common conversation. From my point of view, even in small things, things like Vekna came out of the hole in the hackers, I was like, first we would see our hands and then his body would go up. It was another wonderful revelation. And then I know Vekna, I know how addiction works, and I know how the artificial limb moves, so I don’t worry about anything. Therefore, with the second part of your question, the artificial limb will move easily. The upper half is glued and then the lower part is a piece of trousers. So it is just as easily damaged. But it was really hot and hard.

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In an interview, horror icon Robert Inglud (also playing your father) said he used the weight of a razor glove to inform Freddy Kruger’s position and walk, and finally helped him find the character. Was Vecna ​​a detail that helped you come to life?

Bower mourning Because I watched Henry, One, and Veknan, I had this understanding of humanity under this monster, that I brought them together at the end of Part 7, and then I spent them together. There was one and Henry’s stairs in Vekna, which we saw earlier. So it was What would be the best outcome for both of them, and what would be the most emotional match for both of them? Therefore, it is a matter of purpose and purpose to make great choices and choices in the course of His action. This man is not wild. Freddie is very wild. Freddie is very confused. Not Henry. He is more considerate. It’s the best in the world of Dog Bradley Pinnacle. It was about building that. I can see my fingers and my fingers lengthen. But more so, if they were hanging on my side, the strength was still incredibly strong in my shoulders. Not only with the powers that be, but I am extremely strong – I can hold you by the neck – so, as a character, I have to be able to hold that on my shoulders, as well. All of these factors combined to create this level of stability.

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So far, Vekna has been devastated by the telepath of Hawkins. Now that the doors are open, do you think we will see Vecna’s greatest strength in the 5th season of physical wrestling?

Bower mourning Yes, why not? why not? I’ll tell you that.

Henry is still a big part of Vekna. And when the eleventh Pope tells him that he is dead, we see that he is a little bit human. How he felt at that moment, because he did not feel any grief.

Bower mourning Yes, there is no sorrow. I don’t think there is any sadness for the loss of Papa. I think he is more convincing and memorable now [himself] As he loves Eleven. He loves her, but he hates her. And Papa is nothing to him. He means nothing. It was a sad experience. He has no authority, so he is a fly that must go out of his way in the great plan of things. He had nothing to offer, but eleven had much to offer.

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Halloween is just a few months away. Are you ready for everyone who wears Vekna?

Bower mourning I think it’s weird. He is a witness to the work of Barry Gover and the Influence Team. Cheers. It’s great to be part of something that I really like in this genre and that people seem to be pulling.

Hypothetical question The shoe is on the other foot and you will find it when you fight Vekna. What song do you play on your Walkman to stay alive?

Bower mourning Hmmm. “I want it that way,” said Backstreet Boys. yes.


Strange Things Chapter 4

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