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With the global implementation of acts like GDPR in the EU, it is imperative that modern businesses start taking the necessary steps to ensure full and complete compliance.

Foreign Information Protection Officer

Failure to comply with data protection regulations can result in severe fines, reputational and legal consequences for an organization. That said, having an in-house DPO can cost the organization a lot of time and money.

This is why many companies on a budget are encouraged to outsource DPO. This way, they can be sure that all their data protection needs are met without costing them huge amounts of money.

In this article, I am explaining what an external DPO is and the various services they provide. Finally, you will know exactly what you can hire an external DPO for and why it is needed for your business.

What is an outsourced DPO?

An external DPO refers to hiring an external data protection officer to join your team on a short or long-term basis. Outsourcing your DPO means you can ensure compliance without bringing another expensive employee into your in-house team.

Outsourcing a company’s DPO has many advantages, but the biggest one is convenience. Complying with data protection laws and ensuring that company, employee and customer data are secure is a tedious and time-consuming task.

But when an external officer does the work for you, you can be sure that your and your employees’ energy will be spared from the consequences of misuse of digital information while you are working on running your company elsewhere.

What services does an external DPO provide?

Data protection is not as basic and simple as it seems. This is why outsourced DPOs offer a wide range of services to their clients. That said, each third-party DPO offers a unique service package. However, here are some of the more common services that DPOs can offer your business.

Customer services

The primary goal of external DPOs is to ensure that customers are satisfied and that all data that needs protection is covered. This is why customer services play an important role in an external DPO, which includes having an agent ready to talk to the customer at any time and provide them with any information or data protection services they may need.

Account management

The biggest advantage of an external DPO is the complete management of your account when it comes to data protection. Data protection is a very complicated field, but with an outsourced DPO, you don’t need to worry about any of it.

Usually an outsourced DPO means you have a whole team overseeing your accounting, so the company’s management team doesn’t have to worry about the data protection aspects of their business. Instead, they can spend all their time and focus on other aspects of running a company.

Work schedule

Transparency is critical when trying to comply with data protection laws. That’s why outsourced DPOs can give you a clear and concise view of what they do, why they do it, and when they do it. While you don’t have to worry about protecting your data with an outsourced DPO, it’s important that your DPO keeps track of what you’re doing to ensure your data is protected and that the company complies with relevant regulations.


Outsourced DPOs always ensure that you can verify your compliance with the relevant agencies. This means that they document and compile all the necessary documents needed to ensure GDPR compliance. That way, if an agent or agency comes to question your company’s data protection practices, you have clear documentation of what you’re doing to protect the company, customer, and employee data you store.

Professional advice

As protecting customer data can be complex, DPOs need to be able to advise the management team on what to do to protect their data and comply with relevant regulations and directives. This advice comes from extensive industry knowledge and experience, which you can’t get without spending a lot of time in the field.

Complete data protection team

Hiring an external DPO doesn’t mean you only have one person handling data protection for your organization. In fact, this means you have an entire team behind you to help you with all your data protection needs and concerns.


It is important that all companies have a DPO to ensure that company, employee and customer data are secure and comply with relevant data privacy regulations. That said, doing this alone can be very complicated and time-consuming, which is why hiring an external DPO to handle it all for you can greatly benefit your organization.


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