RTFKT has released a 60-piece physical fashion collection for Clone X Forging Season 1


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  • Fans can unlock both digital and physical versions with their Clone X DNA feature.
  • Each clone holder can generate up to two of each item from DNA sets and Murakami stains.
  • Ten pairs of RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers will remain digital wearables for the time being.

On Monday, RTFKT announced the Clone X phygital fashion collection season 1 cheats that fans can access based on the attributes of specific Clone X NFT avatars. Along with the announcement, RTFKT unveiled a 60-piece digital wearables fashion collection where NFT holders can create their own physical merchandise.

Created in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, the Clone X NFT collection consists of 20,000 3D models divided into eight DNA types with varying degrees of rarity.

RTFKT has released 10 sets of digital wearables based on Clone X DNAs, including Human, Reptile, Robot, Alien, Murakami Drops and more. The collections include hats, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and sneakers, which can be unlocked through the holder’s NFT DNA feature.

Except for socks and caps, all wearables are equipped with NFC tags attached to physical objects that owners can connect to NFT, giving owners the opportunity to discover future drops and physical events, as well as unlock experiences and customize their experiences. Future models.

Depending on the number of avatars they contain and the DNA characteristics the avatars have, each clone container can extract up to two of each item from the DNA sets and Murakami Drip, for example, Human Clone X with Murakami Drip can. Up to 31 total items, including two sneakers, two hats, two jackets and so on.

Image source: RTFKT

There is also a limited-edition Genesis set made for all clones, only one mint per item. All clones can make and create Genesis t-shirts for free.

RTFKT is dropping 10 pairs of RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 digital sneakers featuring Clone X DNA. The sneakers aren’t part of this Season 1 Forging event and will remain digital wearables for the time being, meaning carriers can expect access to physical sneakers in the future.

Owners of the Murakami Drop Icon feature will be able to access the first-ever RTFKT x Murakami x Nike Air Force 1 digital sneakers that are part of the Murakami Drop Collection.

Wearables release Wednesday at 11am CET, 9am GMT, 5am ET, 2am PT. The mint window will be open until September 7th and physical inventory will be open from September 7-14.

Prices range from $30 to $600 for the limited edition Air Force 1 sneaker, leaving some users disappointed. Twitter user “Lupoderoma98”. he said.“These prices must be a joke. We are in the middle of a bear market and you guys are asking us .38 [ETH] For shoes?? Come on, we’re loyal owners and you’ll only spend money out of pocket. The only free merchandise is a spider on a shirt that looks like a spider.

Another Twitter user “without shouting”. agreed“Couldn’t agree more, most people put down double digits on their clonex purchases to boot, take a lot in commissions, but if you keep them for more money they will make it back. Charging full luxury retail price.

Cash grab or not, it’s clear that there are plenty of other willing buyers, given that Nike has made a whopping $185 million in NFT sales since buying RTFKT to expand its Web3 strategy. Sportswear titan topped the list of brands that generated the most sales from NFTs.

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