MYn} A social media application that provides 100% digital privacy


This new, innovative app made by India’s social media app aims to re-evaluate the entire social media landscape of data privacy and security without advertising.

Social media has become an important means of communication for us. We eat, sleep and breathe on social media. India’s social media environment is deteriorating due to unsecured infrastructure, data breach, data theft, unrelated information, ad blocking, unattractive content, etc.

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MYn, an Indian-made app from Bangalore, Multi-Verse Technologies, aims to rethink the social media landscape. It allows consumers to access, create, connect and connect securely end-to-end encryption systems. The app is also committed to creating an ad environment that refreshes social media experience without interruption.

Tech Panda Nanjunda Prasad Ramsh, CEO of Multicultural Technologies, spoke about the start-up vision of ensuring data privacy and data security in a social media application.

Nanjunda Prasad Ramsh

Our goal is to have the only app a user needs and perhaps our own operating system on a phone that sends to MN.

“MYn promises 100% digital privacy. We do not share the user’s phone number or any personal information inside or outside the app. We collect it only to help the user manage their account easily. We have no ads on the app.

“Our revenue-generating model does not require user information. We charge a small fee for our live e-commerce components, content creators for their channels and human enterprises. That’s where our revenue comes from,” he added.

What do they do

MYn has its own infrastructure. Promising 100% digital security, MYn has launched a 24 × 7 content and app monitoring and disaster response team that effectively and efficiently caters to many companies in India.

The goal was to provide users with the quality content they wanted to use.

MYn provides a refreshing opportunity for the country to create social connections and bonds by maintaining complete information privacy that ensures it is a sustainable alternative.

MYn is a private, ad-free, commission-free social media application that allows one to find, connect and trade.

It is India’s first super app. The only application to complete the user journey

“We have a strong revenue model that is not based on user data,” Ramsh said.

The beginning has been creative in nature. The app has limited space for channels (content creators), users and individuals (MYworld), (MYown) and (MYwork). On-demand feed, star rating system, universal in one app.

“It is the first Indian super app. It is the only app that completes the user journey, ”he added proudly.


MYn plans to address all the natural challenges in the current social media landscape. Provides complete user privacy, does not share user information, has no annoying ads or charges, unlike other social media apps.

“This is a one-of-a-kind app that one can really call their own,” Ramsh says.

Users on MYn can browse content as they wish. You can choose from categories such as fashion, beauty, sports, comedy, art, etc., ie use only what works for them.

As human beings, we behave differently in different settings. We offer a unique personality in public, private and work life. So we have created individual spaces for each app in the app.

“The goal was to provide users with the quality content they wanted to use,” he added.

My users can have three individuals, MYworld, EMO, and MYwork, as they physically do. You can enter the world of social media and buy from local businesses on MYworld. Stay in touch with their friends and family; Store and share unlimited cloud storage options on MYn on MYn; And communication and collaboration within the groups within their organization.

“As human beings, we all act differently. We offer a unique personality in public, private and work life. So we have created space for each of these individuals in the app, ”he explains.

Motivation and origin

MYn founder AS Rajgopal had a vision to unify the functionality of all applications.

“Basically, most applications, social media, e-commerce, messaging, storage, payments or workplace collaboration, offer or discovery, interaction and transactions are in different contexts. He believed in MYn that we could sum it all up in an agnostic way, ”Ramsh said.

We want to give users complete privacy, adhere to a few guidelines by making sure there are no ads on the app and no commissions on the app.

“With this in mind, we want to give users full privacy, adhere to a few guidelines to ensure there are no ads on the app and no commissions on the app,” he added.

Like many digital businesses, COVID-19 has had a positive impact on the organization.

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It has brought us a perspective now or never in the group that has helped us to quickly develop this measurement app by focusing on a common goal. In addition, we want to help COVID scenario traders return to business both online and offline, which has helped us build a close-knit business. ”

F.uture plans

The MYn team has extensive plans to capture an audience in the future.

“As we have millions of users and businesses on the app, we will continue to build user trips that will make it more and more accessible for users to use on a day-to-day basis.

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