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Today, media incubator ESPACIO announces its launch Latham.TechnologyBrings readers the latest news about startups and technology in Latin America.

This year, Brazilian startups have seen their highest level of global expansion to date, making the country one of Latin America’s leaders in fintech and e-commerce. With the startup scene growing like never before, features interviews with the country’s most successful entrepreneurs and stories from tech hub São Paulo.

Arjun Harindranath Brazil Latam.techLaunched in August 2017, the publication is led by an editor. Arjun Harindranath and his team cover a range of topics from cryptocurrency and tourism to mobile-taxi apps and sustainable products from Latin America’s new innovation hub in Medellin, Colombia.

“Latin America has many narratives to watch in the near future,” Harindranath said, “including how political turmoil will affect the private and business sectors.” Brazil is one such example, where despite political discord, it still strives to lead Latin America as the world’s largest economy in a technologically backward continent.

China’s influence on the continent will be an important storyline, especially as pressures on natural resource exploration become apparent. The exploitation of lithium reserves in countries such as Chile, Argentina and Bolivia could be another important narrative that will drive the continent in the coming years.

“But most of all Latham.Technology It will be a dedication to the country’s entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit,” Harindranath said. “It will be a place where they can showcase their skills and energy to the world at large.”

The publication is now integrated into Google News and other platforms, and its volume is expected to grow as more Latin American entrepreneurs make their rightful place in the international market.

Launch of ESPACIO Latham.Technology He is one of many who have helped the media incubator grow over the past two years. For example, Peru Reports is one of the most important English-language news sources in Peru, and the company recently acquired Bogotá Post Online, a popular English-language newspaper in Colombia.

Other publications focus on the Brave New World Technology Startups like StartupBeat, Techli and 150 Seconds and many more around the world. ESPACIO was founded in It’s in 2012 by Conrad Iguesa and Eddie Arrieta.


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