Leave the fireworks to the professionals



One of the most memorable parts of the Fourth of July are the fireworks.
But this year, some New Yorkers are choosing to stay far away from the colorful
explosions – particularly the do-it-yourself kinds.

A decision the city
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says is for the best.

related to fireworks have been on the rise. According to the health department,
in 2021, there were 34 firework-related emergency visits compared to an annual
average of 31 between 2017 and 2020.

As New Yorkers celebrate the
annual tradition with festivities like picnics, parades, and family gatherings,
they’re being advised to remember basic safety tips like keeping children and
those impaired by alcohol away from fireworks and sparklers. And if you are
lighting fireworks, you should protect your eyes and keep a supply of water
close by as a precaution.

If you want to see fireworks
later tonight in Brooklyn, head over to Newtown Barge Park, Transmitter Park,
or Marsha P. Johnson State Park.


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