Ibadan Business School goes green, to establish Africa’s first green university



… PARTNERS GREENPLINTH Africa Human capital development and capacity building for climate solutions in Africa

new yorkIbadan Nigeria And London, February 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ibada Business School (IBS); In an international educational organization Nigeria It became the first training and development institute to adopt green strategies, innovations and technologies Africa – Championing Sustainable Climate Mitigation and Adaptation for a Green Continent.

The institution is one. Africa Leading business schools, with a special focus on both the public sector and MSMEs (Micro and Small Enterprises), provide high quality, results-based and impactful human capital building and consultancy services to international and multilateral agencies, Federal Government MDAs, State Government MDAs, Local Governments, as well as the organized private sector.

Ibadan Business School A joint venture partnership agreement was recently signed for innovative climate solutions Greenplains Africa in Nigeria; Under the Strategic Green Partnership.

In his statement Leader Yanka Fasuyi, President and CEO Ibadan Business Schoolof IBS Green Enterprise All innovative climate solutions include the implementation of human capacity development programs Nigeria, Africa And more than that. The human capital development component includes assessing and identifying training needs of participants, and addressing gaps in skills and knowledge of prospective participants. The Climate Solutions Enterprise has attempted to reduce multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies, federal MDAs, state MDAs and organized private sector organizations as targets. Carbon Footprint, Ecological Footprint and Technological Footprint.

according to Asi Fasuyi, of Ibadan Business School Green Enterprise It is dedicated to support. Africa Transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy – building a sustainable green economy on the continent. Climate change is exacerbating environmental issues such as deforestation and degradation, scarcity of clean water, food security, air and water pollution. The projected increase in extreme weather events and climate change could threaten livelihoods in terms of further loss of mobility – “Our local actions have global implications and require effective cooperation.”

Speaking further, “Over the years, Ibadan Business School has trained and developed over 200,000 participants in the public and private sectors. These individuals have become renowned leaders, corporate CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and agents of change in their various endeavors. We certainly have potential. IBS Green Enterprise Delivery Nigeria.”

Fasui He also stated that Nigeria It is fully committed to the global green transition agenda, and Ibadan Business Schoolto be The first training and development institute is about to go completely green. Africa, It is a pride for the continent. “We have set up machinery in partnership. Greenplease Africato give birth At the very first Green University Africa Before the end of 2023.” Green University will be established in Nigeria. “We are launching a new IBS midwife as the first institution in human capacity development and counseling. Nigeria and the African region, in all businesses related to innovative climate solutions and environmental governance – beyond training.

IBS Green Enterprise Faculty includes Prof. Oladele Osibanjo, Dr. Victor Fodecke, Dr. Olawale Akinwumi, Engineer Yahya Ahmed, Dr. Yotope Ajayi, Jojolola Fasuyi, Peter Papa, Prof Ochanya Ruth Adio-Moses and a host of other prominent climate and environmental experts.

Initial module topics They are the gateway to climate change.; National Climate Change Act: Compliance and Legal Framework; Communicating and reporting on climate change; Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation; Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting, Carbon Footprint, Ecological Footprint and Technology Footprint; Business opportunities in climate change; Carbon credit opportunities; Green entrepreneurship and climate opportunities; Green Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (GMSMEs); New climate change technologies; Clean energy technologies and energy transition; Innovative climate and green finance; Green Banking, Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development by Africa; United Nations Climate Change Agreement (UNFCCC) process; Environment and sustainability; Net Zero & Beyond; Environmental security; Climate change and public health; The private sector and climate solutions; International best practices in environment and climate change; Green transition and sustainable development of green economy; Green and climate finance roadmaps; inter alia.

The global climate crisis is at a critical moment and the consequences are already with us. Today, the race to Net Zero is more strategic and important than ever. “Today we are in a life or death struggle for our own security and tomorrow for our survival,” warned the UN Secretary General. “If we don’t act, we are heading for a dangerous cliff with irreversible climate consequences,” said the director general of the International Renewable Energy Agency. Global green politics is entering a new phase; Calling for those who believe in the founding principles of sustainable development to stand up and be counted – The time is now.


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