How much has the value of IPL teams increased since 2008?

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There is no dearth of rags-to-riches startup stories in India – companies started by two dreamy-eyed entrepreneurs are now worth billions of dollars and have made their founders super rich. But at the same time that the startup wave is taking off, there’s another set of companies that have managed to raise their valuations — and they have nothing to do with technology.

Indian Premier League teams have seen their ratings grow manifold since the league’s inception in 2008. IPL teams have been auctioned for a few hundred crores – Rajasthan Royals sold for Rs. In the year 273 crore in 2008 – but as many as 6 IPL teams are now unicorns, worth more than Rs. 8,200 crores. This is an increase in the rating of IPL teams since 2008.


1. Mumbai Indians

2008 Price: Birr 456 Crores

2022 price: 10,673 crores

Estimated increase: 23x

Mumbai Indians was the most expensive IPL team when it was sold in 2008 for $111.9 million. And after 15 years of IPL, Mumbai Indians is still the most valuable IPL team, and is worth Rs. 10,673 crores. That’s a 23x increase on the team’s valuation, which would be the envy of many startups. And unlike most startups, Mumbai Indians earns – they earned Rs. 264 crore by 2022, and operating income of Rs. 44 crores.

2. Chennai Super Kings

2008 Price: Birr 371 Crores

Price of 2022: Birr 9,442 crores

Price increase: 25x

Chennai Super Kings have been one of the most consistent teams in the league – reaching the finals an impressive 10 times in 15 years now. CSK has seen its value jump 25x since 2008 – the team was bought for Rs. 371 crore, but now it costs Rs. 9,442 crores. Chennai Super Kings earned Rs. 330 crore by 2022 and an operating income of Rs. 118 crores.

3. Kolkata Knight Riders

2008 Price: Birr 306 Crores

2022 price: Birr 9,031 crores

Price increase: 29x

Kolkata Knight Riders was one of the cheapest teams in 2008, taken for Rs. 306 crore by a consortium led by Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Smart now costs Rs. 9,031 crore, which is a 30x increase in the valuation. By 2022, it had revenue of Rs. 330 crore and operating income of Rs. 113 crores.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore

2008 price: Birr 455 crores

2022 price: Birr 8,415 crores

Price increase: 18x

RCB may not have won a single IPL title in 15 years, but it is still a unicorn. In 2008, it sold for the second highest amount – Rs. 455 crores – but now it is worth it. 8,415 crores. Vijay Mallya hasn’t done the best business in other fields, but his IPL investment has earned him an impressive 18x return. RCB had revenue. 291 crore by 2022, and operating income of Rs. 77 crores.

5. Capital cities of Delhi

2008 Price: Birr 342 Crores

2022 price: 8,497 crores

Price increase: 25x

Like RCB, Delhi Capitals have never won a single IPL trophy, but the owners have seen their investment grow to a smart 25x. The Delhi team was sold for Rs. 342 crores in 2008, but now it is worth. 8,497 crores. Delhi, the capital city, had a revenue of Rs. 285 crore by 2022, and operating income of Rs. 66 crores.

6. Rajasthan Royals

2008 price: Birr 273 crores

2022 price: Birr 8,210 crores

Price increase: 30x

Rajasthan Royals in the year In 2008, it was the cheapest team sold at Rs. 273 crores, but has given the owners the best return in the IPL. Rajasthan Royals is now worth Rs. 8,210 crore, which is a 30x return on the original investment. It is this kind of return that may have prompted a global tech VC like Tiger Global to invest with the IPL team.

7. Sunrisers Hyderabad

2008 price: Birr 436 crores

2022 price: Birr 7,964 crores

Price increase: 18x

Sunrises Hyderabad sold like Deccan Chargers for Rs. In the year 436 crores in 2008. After changing hands with its various owners, under the banner of Sunrisers Hyderabad, it is now worth Rs. 7,964 crores. That’s an 18x return on the original investment. Sunrisers Hyderabad had an income of Rs. 254 crore and operating income of Rs. 25 million by 2022

8. Kings of Punjab

2008 price: 310 crores

2022 price: 7,594 crores

Price increase: 24x

Punjab Kings have failed to win a single trophy in over 15 years but still proved to be a good investment for their owners. The group was bought for Rs. 310 crores in 2008, and now the price is Rs. 7,594 crore, which is a 24x increase in the valuation. Punjab Kings had an income of Rs. 250 crore and operating income of Rs. 78 crores by 2022.

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