Hanover has introduced the Hanover i-on sensor program to help reduce commercial losses


Advanced technologies and real-time data power risk mitigation solutions

WORCESTER, MASS, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hanover Insurance Group (NYSE: THG ), a leading property and casualty insurer, today announced the launch of its operations. Hanover The i-on Sensor Program provides technology-based services that help business and enterprise owners prevent workplace injuries, property damage, theft and other potential harm through strategic partnerships. IoT technology solutions enable business leaders to proactively manage risks and monitor the security of facilities, assets and employees.

The Hanover Risk Solutions team takes a proactive and collaborative approach to risk management designed to help protect businesses as effectively as possible. of Hanover The i-on Sensor program offers business solutions from professional partners for a variety of risks including:

  • Hanover i-on sensors for property – An unknown water leak can quickly cause serious damage. This program helps minimize damage to property and businesses by using water sensors to monitor water flow and alert our customers to rapid flow.
  • Hanover i-on Fleet Telematics – Understanding how drivers operate corporate vehicles can help prevent major damage and avoid shipping delays or repair costs from minor accidents. The telematics program uses app-based technology to monitor drivers, help combat distracted driving and detect dangerous driver behaviors to help prevent accidents and manage fleet safety.
  • Hanover Ergonomics in the workplace – Preventing workplace injuries keeps workers on the job and reduces exposure to workers’ compensation claims. Wearable sensors can help businesses assess the risks of manual handling of injuries and identify solutions using sensor technology and data insights.
  • Hanover i-on Heavy Equipment Tracking – Stolen or lost equipment can cause project delays and expensive replacement costs. Sensor-assisted asset tracking can help locate stolen heavy equipment so you can be sure these valuable tools are in the right place at the right time.

“Many advanced technology solutions allow businesses to proactively monitor and manage key risks from anywhere and in real time so they can focus on their core business,” he said. Richard W. LaVey, President, Hanover Agency Markets. “As a result, business owners and managers can focus on running their businesses with confidence that their assets and teams are well protected. This powerful program supports our mission to provide innovative products to our agent partners and customers, resulting in superior customer experiences.”

Hanover Policyholders are already experiencing the benefits of this technology and have effectively reduced their business risks with this program. For example, the University of Finland is installed Hanover i-on Sensors for Property to protect the university’s art museum, which houses multimillion-dollar illustrations. When a pipe in the mechanical room above the museum started leaking, water sensors detected the issue and immediately informed the museum management. The automated notification allowed the Facilities Department to stop water from seeping into the vault below, preventing significant damage to the museum’s collection and protecting irreplaceable treasures.

“Examples like the University of Finlay show the power of technology to help anticipate issues that could cause major damage,” he said. Christina VillenaVice President at The Risk Solutions Hanover. “Organizations can reap the benefits of disaster risk reduction through The of Hanover Unique Gifts understands the importance of implementing solutions that provide peace of mind for asset protection.

of Hanover The i-on Sensor program is designed to bring together a variety of technology-based service solutions, making it easy for policyholders to use. The program addresses key risk areas to help reduce business exposure while providing greater protection to take some of the burden off business owners. Learn more about Hanover i-on Sensor Program Please click here.

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