Divi Ink Houston launches first-place tech for women under the sponsorship of SheSpace.


The Fast Program supports primary women entrepreneurs working in any industry.

Houston, July 14, 2022 (PRNewswire) – DV Ink is proud to announce the launch of its first women’s project with the help of Tech Accelerator. Houston Title Sponsor, SheSpace.

The fall of DV Ink 2022, initiated by tech accelerator SheSpace, led by women, supports industry challenges in innovative ways. The program is designed to address unique challenges for women founders in addition to accessing the resources, consultants, and networks that are known for their DV INC programming.

“Women-led companies are financially funded by Venture Capital. This is a huge injustice, but it is a great missed opportunity for the VC community. Women-led technology companies are more capital-saving, with a 35% higher ROI, and according to the Kaufman Foundation, supported by Venture. , 12% higher income than male starters Preston L. James II, DivInc Co-Founder and CEO. “DivInc is committed to creating spaces and providing the resources needed for women’s founders to thrive. It is good for women founders and for the environment as a whole.”

DivInc’s partnership with SheSpace and Women’s Leaders b Houston Location will be the key to the success of this fast program and its founders.

“SheSpace has created the opportunity to become an immediate partner of Devink Women. Tech is a strategic and tragic story of women entrepreneurs and founders who are not financially diligent looking for responses. It is time for us to get started in the founding ecosystem of the most talented and talented women around us. It should be done by previously selected women, he said. Stephanie TsuruShespace is the founder of “SheSpace. It’s time to expand our network, and this is a good place to start right away.

At the fastest time, Shepspe works with the Divine Ink team in programming and thought leadership initiatives.

A total of 10 companies will accept the 12-week program, which runs from September to September December 2022 And hosted by SheSpace and The Ion. At the end of the program, each participating company receives $ 10,000 Unbundled Seed Funding provided by SheSpace.

SheSpace’s 2022 Fall Fall is backed by tech. Houston Major partners, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Verizon, The Ion and Mercury

Learn more at www.divinc.org/women-in-tech

About DivInc ፡

DivInc 501c3 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create social and economic equity through entrepreneurship by providing the necessary inputs to build companies that represent unsustainable investors. Founded in Austin In 2016, DivInc supported 87 companies and more than 100 founders. Learn more at www.divinc.org.

About SheSpace

It’s SheSpace. Houston The first place for a woman-centered collaboration. Their mission is to create clear paths for like-minded women to achieve professional and personal goals for courageous, unforgiving women. SheSpace allows women such as offices, work desks, meeting rooms, and event venues to focus on productivity and success by reducing stress and wasted time. But what makes SheSpace unique is its supportive, inclusive culture and educational program. Their focus is on providing unparalleled, inspiring work, meetings, educational and networking experiences in the women’s space. Learn more at www.shespacehtx.com.

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