Developers canceled plans to renovate Indio Fashion Mall



Plans to renovate the Indio Fashion Mall have been scrapped, the city of Indio announced Tuesday.

The Haagen Company, which has owned the Indio Fashion Mall since 2018, has informed the city that it will no longer continue developing the site at the shuttered mall.

The company plans to relocate to the Indio Marketplace.

Plans to renovate the mall have been in the works since at least 2018. The City Council approved the design review in July 2021, and the mall was slated to reopen in the fall of 2022.

“Malls across the country are struggling as consumers move to other retail formats and more experiential shopping opportunities,” said Carl Morgan, Indio’s director of economic development.

Officials said the city will continue to work with Hagen Co. to generate interest from other developers on the former mall property and on city-owned property behind the mall.

“We believe there is great potential for these parcels to benefit our residents and taxpayers, and we look forward to working with the Hagen Company on innovative ideas for the site,” added Morgan.

City officials say Indio has several plans and programs to help make the mall attractive for development, including the recently approved Highway 111 Special Plan and a Development Impact Fee Deferral Program to encourage quality commercial and residential growth.

Efforts to market the property will benefit from our recent economic boom and explosive growth in North Indio, as seen in the revitalization of new and exciting businesses in Downtown.

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