DecentraBNB aims to transform the travel industry with the power of Cryptocurrency.


For businesses, the project represents an opportunity for direct access to users, eliminating many of the additional costs incurred by intermediaries. It also allows them to experience consumer behavior and purchasing practices, which are currently limited by central platforms, which in turn lead to more efficient marketing and higher profits.

In addition, both travel businesses and Diff projects are encouraged to build their own dApps on the database, and the latter can use their tokens directly on the platform. In fact, at the time of writing, there are currently 13 cryptocurrencies that can be actively used to pay for housing using a specific application, (including DBNB, the project’s native token) with the company becoming available in the coming weeks as a balance. The app itself is already fully functional and can be downloaded from IOS and Android app stores, featuring approximately 2,500 active members and 300 different rental sites worldwide.

The project is overseen by the CEO. Abdullahi DiopWith the title of artist, Girma Drama – Platinum-selling composer and singer, as well as a highly-regarded cryptorner entrepreneur. The project recently won the Innovation Award March 2022 Cryptocurrency Conference at DubaiDecentraBNB is the country where it is headquartered and has recently officially released a full brand and image shift. In this regard, DecentraBNB is fairly launched on the Ethereum network via Pinksale. Friday, July 1 as if 3pm UTC, And will soon be a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain, which, due to later gas bills, guarantees lower payments to the end user. The project is set to be rolled out quickly on XY Finance, which will allow for cross-border encryption transactions.

Considering that the travel industry will continue to be one of the most valuable markets in the world today $ 8 trillion, But it is mostly monopolized by a few companies, it makes sense to come to the forefront of evolution. Considering the damage to large businesses and misuse of market value, traffic flow, and especially personal information, it is likely to shift to decentralized travel. To this end, DecentraBNB aims not only to simplify current industry leaders such as Airbnb and, but also to be more self-directed, transparent and connected to both consumers and businesses.

Reaching a critical juncture in business and consumer interaction gives DecentraBNB the potential to be a major disruption in the sector. If the project can be used in conjunction with the growing innovation and scale of decentralized finance, it may be a project that needs attention.

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