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Cyberpunk 2077 It offers a vast open world for players to explore as they progress through the game. It’s not hard to get lost in the vastness of the city at night, but that’s not bad at all. When opening the map for the first time, players may be overwhelmed by its size. In total, Night City has six main districts, all of which have sub-districts, and there is also an outer area that surrounds the city.

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As the player continues through the campaign Cyberpunk 2077 and complete side missions, unlocking fast travel data translators that give them fast travel access to locations all over the map. This guide lists all data terms on Cyberpunk 2077 A map to help players find what they missed.

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How to open fast travel data contracts

Access to data terminals for fast travel

Once the player completes the raid’s main mission, they can access fast stations known as dataterms. These terminals are scattered across the map, and given the size of Night City, players should try to open them as quickly as possible to facilitate traveling long distances ahead.

There’s no real indicator of where a Data Word might be before it’s unlocked – it’s up to the player to find it as they explore Night City. However, there are certain areas where data words can be. Locations where main missions take place, as well as other side missions that involve completing V NCPD Scanner Hustles or hunting down all of the Cyberpsychos will have a nearby fast travel location.. This is probably to make it easier to get back to the scene if something goes wrong and v dies or flees the scene.

Using the filters on the map is a good way to find missing data terms. These filters allow the player to hide many signs they don’t want, and can be chosen to reveal fast travel locations and other useful options like Cyberpsycho Stings and NCPD Scans.

To open a data word and add it to the map, The player doesn’t actually have to interact with it; They should only be within a certain perimeter, and will be automatically available as a fast travel location in the future.. The player can accidentally unlock two data words by driving through many streets in the night city.

To fast travel to another location, the player must approach the nearest terminal and interact with it by pressing Select Destination. A world map will then open and they must choose one of the other fast travel locations.

All Fast Travel Daters sites

Tourist Information Fast Travel Board

Since its release, the game has received many updates and upgrades that have gradually increased the number of available data words. There are currently 159 Fast Travel Data Transducers located throughout Night City, and players must find them all if they want to unlock the Repeat Flight achievement.. For players who haven’t got this achievement yet, it might be the right time to try to get it because the Phantom Freedom DLC will be available soon. Maybe the DLC will add more data words to the game, and they can be classified as mandatory to get the achievement.

This interactive night city map is a great way to see which data words the player is missing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer what was added in patch 1.5, but it still helps avoid most of the open data words.

The tables below list all the data word positions in Cyberpunk 2077 From northern areas to southern areas. The entries in bold are the last words of data to be added to the game with the release of patch 1.5. Many players may be missing these areas. 1.5 free Cyberpunk 2077 update added different apartments V can buy as well as convenient metro and road areas. Fortunately, The apartments should not be bought for quick travel to these areas.


Watson is a district where the player will find many bars to visit during the main storyline, including a famous one. Cyberpunk 2077 Circle after death. Four of the patch 1.5 locations have been added to Watson, so it’s a good place to start when trying to collect all the remaining terminals.


Fast travel data terms

on the north side

  1. Ebunike docs
  2. Beach St
  3. Arasaka Waterfront North
  4. NID: Docks
  5. Goldsmith Street*
  6. Pershing St
  7. Longshore North
  8. Martin St
  9. North side apartment*
  10. All food plants
  11. NID: East
  12. Megabuilding H11

Arasaka Waterfront

  1. California and Pershing


  1. Pinewood Junction*
  2. Kabuki market
  3. Kennedy North
  4. Charter St
  5. Sutter St
  6. Creek Loop
  7. Bellevue Overway
  8. Allen Street*
  9. Kabuki: Central
  10. Allen St. South
  11. Pinewood St. South

Little China

  1. Metro: Eisenhower St
  2. Drake Street
  3. Subway: Med Center
  4. California and Cartwright
  5. Goldsmith St
  6. Metro: Farrier St
  7. Megabuilding H10: Atrium
  8. Bradbury and Buran
  9. Metro: Zocalo
  10. Clarendon St
  11. After death
  12. Metro: Ellison St
  13. disturbance




Westbrook is known as the prosperous district of Night City, and where Tiger Claws usually hangs out.


Fast travel data terms

North Ok

  1. Drive-in theater
  2. Arasaka Estate
  3. Kerry Eurodyne residence
  4. The sign of the northern oak
  5. Columbarium


  1. Capitola St
  2. Japantown West
  3. Skyline and Salinas
  4. Sagan and Diamond
  5. Metro: Monroe St
  6. Fourth wall studios
  7. Japantown apartment*
  8. Cherry Blossom Market
  9. Jig-Jig Street*
  10. Megabuilding H8
  11. Redwood Market
  12. Moon and wide
  13. Silk Road West
  14. Dark matter
  15. Metro: Japantown South

Charter Hill

  1. Gold Niwaki Plaza
  2. Metro: Charter Hill
  3. Luxury apartments
  4. Another park
  5. Dinas
  6. Longshore South



City center

The City Center District is filled with Corpus as it is the location of the headquarters of most corporations. Unless they chose the Corpo way of life early in the game, it might be hard for V to feel like they fit in here.


Fast travel data terms


  1. Berkeley and Bruce Skive
  2. Metro: Downtown – Alexander St
  3. Downtown central
  4. Skyline & Republic
  5. Gold Beach Marina
  6. Corporation St

Corpo Plaza

  1. Downtown North
  2. Metro: Republic Road
  3. Corpo Plaza Apartment*
  4. Halsey & MLK
  5. Arasaka Tower
  6. ring road
  7. Metro: Memorial Park



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Heywood has borders with the city center district and Westbrook, which are some of the richest areas on the map; On the hand, it shares a border with Santo Domingo, an industrial nightmare.


Fast travel data terms


  1. Berkeley and Bay
  2. Cannery Plaza
  3. Metro: Market St
  4. Palms View Plaza
  5. Pump station
  6. Marine Park
  7. Megabuilding H2


  1. Reconciliation Park
  2. belly button
  3. Senate and market
  4. Metro: Glen North
  5. Congress & Madison
  6. Metro: Ebunike
  7. Palms view way
  8. Glen Apartment*
  9. Ventura & Skyline
  10. Valentino Alley
  11. Metro: Glenn South
  12. Megabuilding H3
  13. Lame coyote
  14. Hanford Overpass

King’s view

  1. Petril St
  2. Delamine headquarters
  3. Republic & Wine
  4. Skyline East
  5. Metro: Congress and M.L.K
  6. College St
  7. Shooting range




Pacific is a small district, but it has amazing places to visit such as the stadium and the Grand Imperial Mall. This is where the Voodoo Boys gang can find it.


Fast travel data terms

Beach view

  1. Stadium parking
  2. Pacific pole
  3. Metro: Stadium
  4. Chapel
  5. Bati Hotel
  6. Grand Imperial Mall
  7. West Wind Apartments



Santo Domingo

This district is the most industrial area on the map and one of the oldest districts of Night City.


Fast travel data terms


  1. Republic East
  2. Megabuilding H6
  3. MLK and Brandon
  4. Red dirt bar
  5. Hargreaves St
  6. Mission Waterfront*
  7. Metro Wollessen St
  8. Megabuilding H4
  9. Arasaka Industrial Park

Coronado Ranch

  1. San Amaro St
  2. Rancho Coronado North
  3. Metro: Megabuilding H7
  4. Malagra and Apple
  5. Kendal Park
  6. Woodhaven Street*
  7. Dam view
  8. Coronado East Ranch
  9. Almunecar & Jerez
  10. Note
  11. Rancho Coronado South




The Badlands were exploited as much as possible and thus turned into a desert of eerie silence. This is where V comes face to face with the nomads. Aldecaldo’s camp is originally a mobile camp datacenter located on the eastern side of the map, but once the player gets far enough into the main story, it’s renamed to a nomadic camp, and the datacenter goes north – more precisely northwest of Westbrook. In addition to this change, there are no patch 1.5 data words in Badlands.


Fast travel data terms


  1. 101 North
  2. Oil fields
  3. Mobile Camp / Nomadic Camp
  4. Set desert film
  5. Rocky Ridge
  6. Trailer park
  7. Sunset Motel
  8. Medeski gas station
  9. Edgewood Farm
  10. Sunshine Motel
  11. Big rock
  12. I-9 East
  13. Old turbines
  14. Far Ridge
  15. Wraith Camp


  1. Dam
  2. Lake farm
  3. Abandoned parking lot
  4. Solar power station
  5. Automatic tasks
  6. Tango Tors Motel
  7. Solar arrays
  8. Regional Airport
  9. Abandoned gas station
  10. gas station
  11. Protein farming
  12. Border inspection
  13. Las Palapas Motel



Cyberpunk 2077 It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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