Comedians are the new fashion icons of 2023.


Jordan Firstman attends this year’s Sundance Film Festival to promote the film. Rotting in the sun Dressed in an over-trimmed leather coat and white sweater, proudly bare-chested with fair hair, it was a rare service that stopped even the most jaded Park townspeople dead in their tracks. It was a premeditated act of virality—a writer/actor known for his video appearances (Gen Z on his deathbed, Energizer Brown in therapy, a straight Frenchman commenting on art, and more) and Jared, the stylist. Eleanor In 2003, Channing Tatum recreated the ultra-Y2K look he wore on the Sean John runway. Instagram. How can it not be? The look was all at once nostalgic, funny and, yes, incredibly splashy. “Uuuuu, this is a freakin’ show, dude!!” Tatum confirmed in his comments.

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Jordan Firstman.

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Firstman is part of a group of comedy stars that includes the likes of Zive Fumudoh, Megan StalterAnd Benito Skinner They seem to have a hard time with the entrenched online community, flooding our feeds with exaggerated glee and at the same time high fashion. In a world where everyone is amenable to algorithms, disrespect stands out. That’s why many of us find ourselves looking to comedians as today’s most refreshing fashion icons: they follow in the legacy of camp queens like Fran Drescher, Cher and Parker Posey. Thoughtful…absolutely. Their appearance is pleasantly over the top, and although it is often the work of stylists who are very concerned with the details, they are rarely forced. This inexplicable combination is something to be desired. More? Yes. Try hard? no way.

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Fran Drescher.

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in her Tiktok Met Gala red carpet parody, Hacking The Star Stalker reported that her outfit—a bath towel and toilet paper—was “an amazing collaboration between JCPenney and the man who invented the fidget spinner.” In fact, Stalter’s partnership with stylist Kat Typaldos has resulted in some really interesting looks of late, starting with the Canadian label’s custom aqua blue one-shoulder cut-out dress. Sapodillas For the guest’s view RuPaul’s Drag Race to the oldest Versace The lace lingerie she wore to the 2022 Golden Globes.

Fashion heavyweights like Lily-Rose Depp, Jennie Kim and Harry Neff hit the Cannes red carpet for the first time. Idol last week, Her co-star Rachel Sennott held her own in two party dresses. Sennott, his performance in Indy was hit. Shiva Baby She has earned her rising star status, attracting attention from luxury brands such as Hermès and Ferragamo.

It’s on Let them be, the A24/Showtime show that was abruptly canceled last month, host Fumudoh roasted her guests in everything from Chanel-esque tweed suits to Lucite platform heels. How She Describes Her Fashion Sense “Like a First Lady—But Kind of Cunning” – Collaborating with Stylist Pamela Sheppard Hill Coveter last year. Tracks: The star rose to fame during the pandemic by taking on race and other hot-button topics with political figures and white feminists. Screenshots from the show, often posted on Fumudoh’s feed for meme backstory, like Photo A faux fur hat and orange strapless dress embellished with rhinestones, paired with matching gloves with the caption, “Earth is in its flop age.” other It shows Captivating her with fuchsia pendant mini bobble-bound pigs in feathers, she wrote: “I was expressing my anxiety…” It’s moments like these that make Fumudo the darling of the fashion industry. Miu Miu loves her naughty school girl outfit. Earlier this year, she walked down the runway at Mugler’s Fall 2023 show, whipping out her extensions and stopping mid-walk to call out contestant Lisa Rinna in the crowd.

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Lisa Rinna is in LA for Chanel Cruise 2023/2024.


Rina is another star with an unexpected fashion moment. From the exit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills In the year Following an eight-season run in 2022, she walked the runway for Danish-based brand Rotate at Copenhagen Fashion Week, fronting Chanel’s latest Cruise 2023/2024 LA show. CR Fashion Book. “Son, I own up,” she said on the Muger show in response to Rina’s insistence that her friends and enemies “own up” to their mistakes. Although not Rina Technically Comedians were at the center of controversial, often non-stop acts. Housewives Meme Universe since its first season. She’s a willing comedian for the camera, offering herself up for a plot line, a viral photo or a wild runway show.

Few pop stars today beg for such sartorial treatment. There are experimental front-runners like Rihanna and Doja Cat, but rare is the A-lister willing to take risks without a 360-view of how they look to their fans and, more importantly, the luxury brands that pay their bills. . Award shows are sponsored, red carpets are swept, and Instagram posts are heavily censored. To mention Lexi Featherston who fell to her untimely death Sex and the City, “Nobody’s having fun anymore!” In their place, perhaps, it’s the stars who can really let it go that rise to the top of the style sphere.

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Randy Bergman is a fashion writer and consultant based in Toronto. She is the founder of Capsule 98, a website, podcast, social platform and one-off clothing collection focused on nostalgia. She is like Miuccia, Donatella, Halston and Cher Taurus.


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