Chick-fil-A’s sad tweet, questions about sustainable fashion, and more.



A new campaign raises questions about sustainable fashion.

Chick-fil-A has come under fire after a black man tweeted about the chain’s fried eggs. After the user @KANYEISMYDAD, the social media backlash started on Friday
He tweeted. At Chick-fil-A. “Fried spicy deluxe but still very spicy nugget… … @ChickfilA…..,” he said. The chain’s official account responded, “Be the first to know your community spice has been added to the permanent menu, Don!” he said. The tweet was offensive to some, who took the phrase “your community” to mean the black community.

Not for the first time. Chick-fil-A used the phrase. The chain told TODAY. As they use the word “community” broadly to talk about the places where they operate restaurants. But they said their tweet was a poor choice of words. “It was not meant to be insensitive or disrespectful in any way,” he said.

It’s a good reminder to double-check the language you use and make sure it doesn’t contain offensive words. With a few edits to the “your community” language, Chick-fil-A could have avoided the backlash.

Here are today’s other top stories:

Ukraine uses branding to fight war.

As the war in Ukraine rages, more than 20 countries are tasting the heroism of Ukraine. Created by Kyiv and Los Angeles-based creative agency Banda, “Brave Ukraine” offers a new way to talk about the country’s national identity and rethink its values ​​and goals. According to AdageThe campaign includes billboards, social media posts and more, featuring both civilian and military photos. There are also images of the Ukrainian flag and descriptions of the bravery of its citizens.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky supported the branding campaign during the war Video address“Courage is our hallmark. This is what it means to be us. Created on behalf of the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, “Brave Ukraine” comes at a low cost. He reported the conversation Brock is donating his services and many global media companies have donated media space High-profile billboards in Times Square.

Why is this important? The direct impact of “Brave Ukraine” may not be known for some time. Yet the campaign transforms an intangible value—heroism—into an asset. It allows the country to extend the visibility of war beyond news coverage and into viewing and social media consumption.

measured thoughts

New research from Morning Counsel It shows that 25% of US adults who identify as conservative do not subscribe to any video streaming service. That’s 11 percent higher than self-identified liberals who said the same. The share of conservatives who said they would never sign up for — or use someone else’s password for — major streaming services was higher than liberals and the share of all U.S. adults reporting the same. Usage differences are particularly high for HBO Max (19%), Netflix (17%) and Hulu (16%).

Political differences on streaming subscriptions

One reason for the difference is that conservative Americans tend to deviate from liberals and older consumers. They are less likely. Signing up for video streaming services. However, the associate professor of sociology at the University of Toronto he said. People on the left love pop culture more than people on the right. The data suggests that focusing on content related to pop-culture may attract a more conservative audience. As the growth of video streaming slows, it’s important for brands to expand their audience.

New anti-synthetic fiber campaigns raise questions about sustainable fashion.

At the beginning of this month, the fashion brand The Wallmark Company He launched a new amazing campaign. “Wear wool, not fossil fuels. The campaign, which includes powerful visuals, emphasizes the negative impact of synthetic textiles and the crude oil used in their production. The campaign is focused. 60 second film It depicts three men struggling to swim in a pool full of crude oil. “Every 25 seconds, an Olympic-sized pool of oil is used to make synthetic suits,” the caption reads.

While the anti-synthetic fiber campaign has raised awareness about the use of fossil fuels, critics question the truth behind “sustainable fashion”. Like fashion businessUnclear definitions of what constitutes sustainable fashion have left consumers wondering what they’re investing in: vegan leather or plastic.

“The election is a false narrative.” Filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli said., whose documentary “Slay” highlights the negative effects of animal skins in fashion. It’s the kind of textbook you see in the fur, leather and wool industry to attack synthetic fibers…it doesn’t magically make what they promote good and ethical.

Why is this important? Claiming moral superiority is increasingly important for brands. Sustainable fashion is big business, but there is currently no standardized way to measure whether or not materials are “sustainable.” The best things brands can do is be transparent about their manufacturing processes and materials.

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