Chia: How fast travel


byeThe soul jumping ability and boat allows players to traverse the game map in different ways. That said, enthusiasts who want to cover large distances at high speeds may want to forgo those travel mechanics in favor of fast travel. Of course, nothing compares to fast login speed. byeAnd this guide is here to explain how fans can use the feature.

Chia: How fast travel

to travel quickly byePlayers must visit first PortsAs visible areas Anchors On the game map. In particular, these anchors will initially have small locks on them, and those indicate that the dock is not yet in use. Fortunately, removing locks is as easy as walking up to the Dock, and fans of open-world indie games will be free to fast-travel to the scene once it happens.

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To actually perform that fast travel, players simply need to interact with the Dock Kiosk, select the Fast Travel option, and then select any Dock they have unlocked. These actions allow Tichia to move quickly to the polls, and the followers are free to continue their journey. byeThe inspiring world of New Caledonia.

Remember, docks aren’t just useful for fast travel, as players can use these locations to summon their boats. Like Fast Travel, ferry summoning is done through a dock kiosk, and is a great way to reconnect with the wrong ship.

Additionally, a fan can customize the boat by selecting the Customize option after being called to the dock. In particular, players can change the boat’s sails, flags, floats, timbers and carpets, and there are many different cosmetic items to choose from. For those who don’t know, these boat accessories are on the rise byeOpening treasure chests and exchanging gems and trinkets with cosmetic boxes.

Boat customization isn’t the only thing players can get from those sources, but also because they can give Tichia herself cosmetic items. These items can be used to change the character’s hair, clothes, and accessories, and the ukulele’s appearance can also be changed. bye. For complete clarity, fans will need to visit Campfire to make these changes, and those important locations can easily be found on the map.

bye Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Plus: Tichia’s launch strategy has advantages for both the game and Playstation Plus.


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