Business owners are impatient about insurance money



Silly and funny comedy shows the harsh reality of businesses that have been hit hard by Ian.

Like many others, Kona Kai Motel has been waiting months for insurance money to help them get back as normal as possible after the storm.

But now Kona Kai motel owners say they’ve had enough.

They tell Wink News that they have been waiting for more than seven months to get enough money to cover the cleanup.

They think it will cost two million dollars to do the job.

Damage to businesses from Hurricane Ian. Credit: WINK News

If getting people’s attention were a tool, Kona Kai motel owners would play the saxophone.

They showed a skeleton sitting in a chair with a sign that said, “Awaiting Insurance Check.”

People stop to take photos of the sign.

“Yes, unfortunately, they’re pulling in the bike lane, which is not good, and the city wouldn’t be like that,” Denise Rodenberg said. “My husband laughed and said, ‘You’re going to bring the traffic police one of these days.’

Denise and her husband want to build their business from the bones of their motel building that Hurricane Ian left behind.

But it is not easy.

ÔÇťAmazon delivered it to my house on the island a few days ago and I said you can just leave that, and it’s really easy. I said yes because it’s a skeleton.” She said to me.

Denise hopes she’s not a skeleton before she finally pays her insurance company a check.

She said the cleanup cost $330,000 and she only raised $67,000 in insurance.

“We have staff lined up,” she says. “Everything is good except the insurance part.”

Not only was Denise trying to make ends meet, but she kept her staff on board and eventually got some doors on the five buildings in Kona Kai, she said.

How does she handle disappointment?

“You make little markings paint marks, you wear skeletons.”

Once Kona Kai’s doors reopen, it will be a staple. And a representation of how far society has come, just once more people get a little more assurance from insurance.


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