Burger King joins Good Hope FM ‘Keep Town warm’ campaign.

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Burger King, South Africa, has partnered with Good Hop FM for its blanket and indestructible food drive. Defining the 26 restaurants around the Western Cape as meeting places, ‘Warm Cape Town’.

Burger King joins Good Hope FM 'Keep Town warm' campaign.

Good Hope FM, in collaboration with the Community Chest, launched the campaign in early June. It has been receiving blankets and indestructible food at Good Hop FM Studios at Sea Point, and has received in-depth support from the station’s 8 external broadcasts and donations from both Captains. Snapscan and via the Community Chest website.

Ezer and Jones, marketing manager at Burger King, South Africa, said: As a brand, we have received a lot of support from the community. It is our duty to return and show gratitude to our people by helping people during the cold winter.

In response to FM Cape Town’s warm campaign, we have decided to open our doors to 26 restaurants in the Western Cape region and offer BK® customers blankets and non-perishable food at BK® restaurants. To help support this initiative by bringing hope and care to the needy during this cold season. Any burger king restaurant can be served in the Western Cape during our business hours Monday through Sunday.

Burger King South Africa completes the drive with the compact Good Hope FM Hit 30 live from the 3 Arts Mall on Palmstead on July 9, with blankets and non-perishable food available from 9am to 12 p.m.

Good Hope FM Program Manager Gerard Mለርller said, “We are so impressed by the support we have received so far. What they need most – not only to change lives for the better, but, perhaps, to save them.

For more information on Good Hope FM Cape Town heat, visit www.goodhopefm.co.za. New information on the campaign is broadcast daily on Good Hope FM.


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