Bay Area business puts a healthy spin on cotton candy


The Bay Area business has been putting healthy twists on delicious food for four years.

Cotton Candy Castle owners Ananda Fkachenko and Gabby Primo take pride in making children smile.

“Some kids have never had cotton candy, and most have never seen it made,” Fcachenco said.

Cotton candy flavors range from flavors like blueberry and strawberry, to savory like bacon, pickles, and whiskey. It is all organic without any dyes or preservatives.

“We don’t have these names you see on the label that you can’t pronounce.” “It’s like natural cane sugar.”

Made in Tampa Bay Spectra Chrome shines items in Clearwater.

Both Fcachenco and Primo have relationships with children who suffer from allergies. In addition to being a healthy candy, their products are organic and have no preservatives, so they should be consumed quickly.

“Because they’re organic and don’t have any preservatives, they don’t go as hard as regular cotton candy,” explains Primo. “They literally melt and go back to their original form. It becomes a little bit of dissolved sugar.”

Cotton Candy Palace has a retail location in Tampa, but 80% of their business comes from events like birthdays, weddings and corporate meetings. You’ll find them often at the Florida Aquarium.

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“We go there, we turn it live, we do it, and everybody has a great time,” Primo said.

No matter where the spinning is, the couple loves watching the kids try cotton candy for the first time.

“It’s so beautiful, they don’t know how to eat it, they don’t know what to do with it. It melts in their mouths,” Primo said.

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