Bali Canggu is fast becoming the party capital of the world.



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Time to go somewhere else in Amsterdam, Ibiza and Rio de Janeiro. There is a new party capital that is making a name for itself. Once a sleepy village in southern Bali, Canggu is becoming the party capital of Asia and the world.

A view of the Bali Beach Club at sunset with guests enjoying the pool and cocktails

Canggu sits on the southern coast of Bali, west of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. Each has become world-famous party destinations in their own right over the past 25 years.

Canggu has expanded rapidly over the past decade, leading to the development of luxury beach clubs, luxurious but affordable accommodation and an unmissable nightlife scene.

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From funky brunch spots to social sunspots, casual backpackers to exclusive VIP booths and beyond, the party scene in Canggu truly has something for everyone.

@fabiopaulmicl A typical Monday night

Canggu’s best beach clubs

The Canggu party scene is perhaps best known for its beach clubs. They all played a big part in putting the place on the map.

The Finnish Beach Club is widely regarded as the best beach club in Bali, offering guests four pools, eight bars (two of which are mainstream!) and five different restaurants. The venue hosts live DJs every day and sits on Berawa Beach. Reserve your spot for the spectacular sunset and when the sky darkens it’s time to turn up the music and enjoy the night.

Atlas Beach Club only opened in July 2022 and is already making its mark as Bal’s best one-stop entertainment destination. Now the largest beach club in Bali (with ambitions to be the largest beach club in Asia), the venue is going all-in to ensure guests have the time of their lives. Hosting world-class DJs and also offering access to Berawa Beach, Atlas Beach Club is another must-visit party spot.

@vrey25 about last night

La Brisa offers a shopping experience with a strong focus on food and cocktails. The Beach Club is a great place to start a big night in Canggu. La Brisa offers poolside parties and cozy bean bag chill spots, all behind Echo Beach. Their themed event nights are legendary, as is their Sunday market.

Once you’ve ticked off these top Canggu beach clubs, next on the list should be The Lawn, Old Mans and Vue Beach Club.

Canggu leader party positions

Being one of the best party capitals in the world, Canggu has events on its calendar every week. If you are looking for a 7 day itinerary for partying in Canggu, this is it.

Monday – Luigi’s Hot Pizza – Metto’s Monday is not to be missed!

Tuesday – Old mans for the target Canggu party at Batu Bolong beach

Wednesday – Jump into the Vault for an Afro-Latin Dancehall Hip-Hop Night Fast. Wednesday is the biggest night of the week; Sometimes it can lead to the night of your life when you have no plans other than partying!

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Thursday – Beautiful Poison – Grab a few beers around the skate park and see where the rest of the night takes you… Back to the Vault. Looking for a new location? See a neighbor black cat or forest.

Friday – Lawn for sun owners and live DJ sets. Then hop over to the Sand Bar for a wild after party.

Saturday – Atlas Beach Club or Finnish Beach Club – Take a full day to experience the beach club feeling, book a table and call your staff.

Sunday – La Brisa for more frozen vibes or Deus Ex Machina Welcome to the new week!

@garybarnettetc beautiful poison, Canggu, Bali. ♬ Franchise (feat. Young Thug & MIA) – Travis Scott

Party hard, live and work in Canggu

Kangoo manages to balance the hardcore party scene with health, wellness and sporty vibes. There are countless gyms, surf schools and spas for travelers to keep their party lifestyle going without compromising their health. Famous for surfing, the beach village now welcomes MMA fighters, yogis, skaters and CrossFit junkies. Canggu has been a popular destination for influencers and travel bloggers. It now has a thriving community of digital entrepreneurs.

Known to longtime international residents as ‘Gu’, it has universal appeal. There is an increasingly international community in the area, with many Australians, Americans and Europeans making the area their new home. In fact, Bali authorities are working hard to make it easier for digital nomads to set up shop.

A tropical garden by the beach with a swimming pool and a digital nomad laptop resting on the pond.

There are two ways travelers stay in Canggu. One option is the 30-day tourist visa, which is open to citizens of 75 countries, including the United States. The visa costs IDR 500,000 (USD 33) and is valid for 30 days and can be extended once for an additional 30 days.

Indonesia’s tourism minister has announced that digital nomads can live in Bali’s best digital nomad cities, such as Canggu, on a B211a socio-cultural visa. This is valid for 60 or 180-days and can be done online. A 180-day visa costs IDR 6,000,000 ($400) and takes 4 days after submitting the necessary paperwork.

Tourists and travelers sit on the beanbags of the Canggu Bali beach at sunset

Instagram Vs. The reality of a party in paradise

Canggu is a popular destination, but the area has recently hit the headlines. Not everyone is enraged by the new level of party capital in the area. Naturally, local and long-time international residents are concerned about how the party scene will affect the area’s reputation.

Just 10 years ago, Canggu was a rural, coastal village that rarely hosted a few thousand surfers and travelers looking to escape the beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Now development is booming. Agricultural landscapes have been transformed into guesthouses and hotel complexes. Roads originally built for a limited number of local moped users now compete with full-on rush hour traffic.

Traffic jam in Bali Canggu with tourists and locals moped on a narrow road

However, this is not bad news; Steps are being taken to continue the development of Canggu. The local senators expressed their concerns about the road infrastructure to the state government. The officials said that they will review the development budgets next year. The funds are expected to be used to expand infrastructure to benefit the local community and the tourism industry.

A petition was filed in early September as local residents complained of noise from major areas exceeding 90 decibels. The local authorities took immediate action. They coordinate with all venues to ensure noise levels are kept below 70 decibels. Why hope that the party scene does not clash with the locals and other holiday makers in the area.

Raise a toast with friends at the beach bar in the evening with their cocktails

There is no doubt that it is The Canggu party scene is going from strength to strength. As perhaps the world’s best kept secret party destination, the location is not low key! Once known only to a seasoned few, Canggu should be at the top of every party-oriented traveler’s bucket list from here on out!

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