Aurora James and the dirty business of fashion economics


I interviewed for the first time Aurora James In the year It was 2015, at her shop on South Street Seaport, a touristy micro-neighborhood in the lower Manhattan that seemed interchangeable with any cobblestone historic district in any East Coast city. It was one of those situations where the developer removed bad tenants and offered rents to young brands based on certain monthly sales, which helped explain why James was able to buy a storefront for Brother Vellis, a shoe line. Two years ago. (At one point, Milan’s famous concept store 10 Corso Como opened a location there. And like most retailers who try to open in New York City outside of New York City, it closed within two years.)

I was working on a story about the CFDAVogue Fashion Fund following the finalists in the final months of the competition. One of the three winners will be crowned, with James receiving a $400,000 prize. I knew the designers well at the time, but these are the kinds of interviews where people toe the party line, so I was surprised when James said she wasn’t sure if she was comfortable selling her shoes on Amazon Fashion. , the e-commerce giant underwriting everything.

In a way, I can see why she said that: Journalism major in college and former intern Fashion televisionShe knows how to generate attention for a long-running and popular Canadian series. But, as a young designer, does she want to annoy someone who has nearly half a million customers waiting in line?


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