15 Best N95, KF94 and KN95 Face Masks (2022)


N95 respirator face mask

The CDC has a huge list of approved N95 masks. Unfortunately, the The offerings of many brands are constantly changing.So you may need to check regularly to see which ones are in stock. Many stores have regional stocks based on in-store availability, so be sure to check your local zip code at different sites where possible.

Kimberly-Clark N95 Respirator Mask

Photography: Kimberly Clark

If you want a large number of N95s for cheap, this Kimberly-Clark bundle is one of your best bets. While these are NIOSH approved N95 respirators, they are not intended for medical use. If that’s not an issue for you, the horizontal folding pouch and folding nose mask provide a strong seal on your face, while still costing less than a dollar per mask.

This fold-over style mask uses two over-the-head straps to keep it snug on your face, while still allowing plenty of ventilation in front of your mouth and nose. These are among the more expensive masks on our list, but our team members have used them and found them to be comfortable and durable.

Amsterdam Model 1808 N95 Respirator Mask.

Photography: Amsten

This model is one of several CDC-approved N95 masks (and often out of stock.) It uses two separate straps to hold the mask tightly to your face. Our team members have used these masks and they fit snugly around the face but still stay away from the nose and mouth to allow them to breathe and talk comfortably. This distance helps keep the mask dry. Unfortunately, they don’t fold.

Titan protection Sekura N95 mask.

Photo: Titan Conservation

Titan Protection Masks is another more expensive option, but you get a lot more in one box than what’s listed above. The NIOSH-certified mask features an adjustable aluminum nose piece (helps protect goggles from fogging), top and bottom headband for a secure seal, and a flat-fold design designed to fit most faces. It’s worth noting that this set comes in medium and large, so people with smaller faces may want to consider another mask.

3M Aura N95 Respirator Mask

Photo: 3m

3M N95 respirators are individually wrapped and have two horizontal folds that create a good-sized cup in front of your nose and mouth. The mask comes with two straps that go over your head and neck to maintain a tight seal. This is one of the smaller packages on our list, but you may have an easier time finding it in stock at some stores.

Honeywell Safety DF300 N95 Mask.

Photo: Honeywell

The DF300 N95 from Honeywell is a more affordable option on this list. With this mask, you get multi-layer absorbency (including a moisture- and humidity-resistant filter), a soft inner lining, and latex-free headbands. The nose clip is also fixed and hidden under the mask. It is complete with a soft foam nose pillow, which should make it more comfortable to wear for a long time.

Vida adult KF94 mask.

Photo: VIDA

The Vida KF94 mask is both protective. And relaxing It’s FDA listed, CE certified (and made in South Korea), and offers 94 percent filtration efficiency. The four-layer mask comes in beautiful pastel colors including light green, light pink and light blue. It is also available in pack sizes of 10 to 1,000.

BOTN KF94 mask.

Photo: Amazon

BOTN KF94 masks only come in adult size and plus size, so those with smaller faces should consider youth sizing. The mask has both adjustable earcups and nosepieces, so it helps ensure a tight fit if you go for a larger size. It also has different color options including beige, dark gray, pink and yellow. There is usually a coupon that can be redeemed on the page for $19 off.

LG air washer KF94 mask

Photography: LG

LG Air Wash Mask Standard KF94 with three-dimensional design, four-ply fabric, adjustable nose clip and rounded ear loops. If you want a slightly more upscale option, it also comes in a stylish black design, which can pair well with fancy outfits for more formal occasions.

OPECTID KN95 Protective Masks.

Photograph: Sengtor Ltd

As we mentioned above, KN95 face masks are not suitable for high-risk individuals or medical facilities, but if you need better filtration than cloth masks for everyday and high-risk situations, these are a good option. In addition to being very expensive for one mask, they have different colors, which should make it easier to put together an outfit or mix it up once. These KN95 masks come in black and are individually wrapped. Compared to the N95 masks listed above, they are much cheaper at less than a dollar per mask. These are our top picks for using face masks.

Another of the many multi-colored KN95 masks, this Halidodo collection has slightly different colors—including a particularly eye-catching orange mask—and is equally affordable.

Wwdoll Foldable KN95 Masks.

Photo: WWDoll

We tested this mask and found it to be comfortable and extremely durable, but the size is best for people with smaller faces.

Bona Fide KN95 mask.

Photo: Bona Fide mask

The white Powecom masks come with a multi-filter system and adjustable metal nozzle. You can also choose between the standard KN95 ear loops or the N95 headband style, depending on what you find more comfortable. It also comes in a wide range of color options, from white and gray to bright pink and deep red.

Once children are over 2 years old, you can put a face mask on them. We recommend anything that you can actually wear. We’ve got feedback below, and our best kids face mask guide has more.

Airpop kids reusable mask.

Photo: Airpop

Children’s masks are a little more difficult because health agencies don’t regulate them in the same way, but this pack is one of our favorites. It is reusable and can be used for children from 3 to 12 years old. Comes in blue, white and pink. It’s been independently tested by several global product testing and quality assurance companies, and WIRED editor Adrian So says it’s the mask kids use for school.

As we mentioned in our best kids face mask guide, US manufacturer Armbrust makes a kids mask.

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