VC firm Climate Angels will form a syndicate to support climate tech startups

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Special Syndicate by Weather angelsA VC firm that helps investors easily invest in climate tech startups.

The VC firm, which focuses on climate tech-focused startups, writes checks between INR 3 Cr ($375K) and INR 10 Cr ($1.2Mn) to these syndicates.

Additionally, Climate Angels allows investors to participate in a startup funding round or run their own syndicate using a VC firm.

Shailesh Vikram Singh, founder of VC firm Recognizing the importance of fighting climate change, savvy investors like CEOs, HIIs, family offices and others are looking for opportunities to back climate tech startups for the green cause. In particular, SEBI mandates that angel investors comply with accreditation norms and invest in registered angel funds,” said Shailesh Vikram Singh, founder of Climate Angels.

Founded by veteran venture capitalists and investors – Singh, Pravin Gandhi, Paula Mariwala, Nipun Sahni and Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Climate Angels supports startups working in clean energy, mobility, water, food and other allied sectors.

Additionally, Singh added, “By 2021, 29 new climate tech unicorns will emerge in the world and before 2021 there were only 14 unicorns. Climate technology in India is still in its infancy, but in June this year, two deals worth $25 million were registered in Electric Activity.

VC firm Climate Angels will form a syndicate to support climate tech startups

It is noteworthy that the founding team of Climate Angels has extensive knowledge. Most of the founders not only run a venture capital firm, but also work full-time as investors and entrepreneurs. Nipun Sahni currently serves as a partner at Apollo Global, while Pravin Gandhi, Paula Mariwala and Nipun Gandhi are at Seedfund and Stanford Angles respectively. The Noida-based Indian digital payments and financial services company as well as a listed fintech was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

About the weather angels

In the year Founded in 2020 by venture capitalist and entrepreneur Shailesh Vikram Singh, founder of Gomassive, Climate Angels is an angel investment fund that invests in startups working on climate tech and pollution reduction tech. In the past year, the platform has experienced incredible growth; It now has over 300 registered angel investors.

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