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Taraji P. Hensen was delighted to attend her first Fashion Week event in Paris, and it was an undeniable cake on Channel Howard Couch.

“My statistics are Jason [Rembert]Oscar-nominated actor and producer tells me he is the owner of the channel more than any other client, but he says he is very grateful. “I’m an artist so I live for this kind of thing. I’m always interested in the person who does the work.

Chanel’s July 5 haute-couture event at the Equestrian Center on the outskirts of L’Étrier de Paris was a great place to see Henson’s first-hand fashion masterpieces. The venue was limited to three rows in either direction, so it provided a spectacular view of A-Leicester’s spectators – Henson joined Leslie Mann, Sigorney Weaver and Clement Pozie in the morning, Keira Knightley, Marion Cotilard, Lucy Boonton and Maggie Jillhal attended the afternoon show.

With a subdued black chiffon gown on the back of the bouclé tweeds and jewelry buttons, from Focus to cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hats, art director Virginia Verde’s latest collection was extensive. The collection also focused on tailoring – to the delight of Rembert, who sits directly behind Hensen, as well as Mary J. B. Bleige, Isa Ra and Lizon, who are proud of their clients.

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Three views from Chanel’s Fall / Winter 2022 haute-couture runway.
By Chanel Charity (3)

“As a famous stylist, we are working not only on the body but also on the real world,” he said. “I’ve seen a show like this about Emmy [film festivals in] Venice or Toronto, and these are works of art. Virginia is as strong as her clothes, but she is close to creativity and embroidery. I also loved jewelry that came off the back of my clothes. It’s one of the best collections I’ve ever seen. ”

Viard cited a variety of references during this time to Hau-Couture clothing, from the In de la Frasenj image 1988 to Fred Aster and Annie Oakley, which is the closest Western country to describe the cowboy boots and hats that made it feel wild. There were also top-two lists of front-row stars. “I thought they were very good, and I wanted to be taken to that far western world,” said Posey. “It was also timeless and free on clothes – you can feel moving and free in them, and that’s really it. [Coco Chanel] Did He Not? ”

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Front row with Channel Closer – Marion Cotilard, Lucy Boonton, James Riton and Keira Knightley.

From the full skirt to the full skirt to the slim dress, the collection balances the Tewodro mix with Chiffon, with a Mermaid skirt (the best for controlling those astronomical dance movements). Graphic prints are also key, ranging from a hand-held steroids to a floor-length dress with black and white stripes on the shoulders. They designed in the 1930s.

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View from Chanel’s Fall / Winter 2022 haute-couture collection.

“It was beautiful to have a jaw down,” Mann said of the collection. “I feel like I can wear every single piece of clothing; a mix of fabrics, silk with sequins, and of course, cowboy boots with big hats. It was encouraging, but it also felt fun, and we can all enjoy a little joy in our lives now.”

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Sigorney Weaver by Chanel.

Sigorney Weaver – Often accompanied by a friend, Catherine Letter, a fashion designer, her work includes 2009 Coco before Chanel – Agreed. “I think it’s exciting to see the best. When I come to the French fashion show, I feel like I’m in the middle of France. ” “Fashion is such a celebration of life – the art of living, the love of life – and I’m always inspired by it.”

Letter is sitting nearby, and Wever said she enjoys witnessing the craftsmanship closely and personally, but says more practical elements can be replaced soon. I have five things to come up with, but I’m not buying or looking like a man, ”she said. Call Jane And December is highly anticipated Avatar Pass Water Road. “I have to look for clothes, but then I think about it. Now I find this to be very encouraging.

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