Houston ranks among the most sustainable travel destinations


Speaking of the Houston man It is a place where H-Town should be, and often it is not just their pride that speaks — like a Main destination for movement, Houston has got what it takes to be a dream for long-term residents. But as mobility continues to evolve, sustainable-minded vacationers are still passing by. According to an analysis by a travel blog ParkSleepFlyHouston is the least sustainable travel destination in the country tied to Dallas No. 3.

ParkSleepFly ranks 50th most visited cities across the country in terms of sustainable hotel rates, public transportation use, pollution levels, congestion and renewable energy use. These data points are used to score 10 points for each city. Houston has 3.79 points for its own, which is a slightly more sustainable city than Nashville’s 3.46 points and 7.5 points away from Portland.

So what is responsible for the long-term effects of disability in our beloved city? Houston is a city-centered city. Houston residents lose Approximately 46 hours Annual traffic congestion can contribute to high levels of air pollution in the city. By 2021, the World Health Organization has passed guidelines. Twice. It includes how many residents use it on foot, by bicycle or on public transportation to get to work, and there is no question why Houston dropped it on the list.

But not all hopes are dashed – a low point means there is room for improvement, and Houston is doing just that. The first of the city Climate Action PlanLaunched in April 2020, the goals include investing in renewable energy, providing safer public transportation options, and switching to low-emission vehicles.

“We cannot solve the problem overnight – but if we take bold and transformative action to lead our city more sustainablely, we will leave a better Houston and a better world for future generations,” Mayor Silvester Turner wrote in an action plan.

Some parts of the plan are coming to fruition. For one thing, efforts to secure Houston’s dangerous roads have made the city stand out. No. 29 among 50 bike-friendly citiesEncourage more passengers to leave their eco-friendly bicycles. And the city. Although there is still a long way to go to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Houston residents are not discouraged, so our embarrassing number 3 is a distant memory.

Visit ParkSleepFly’s website for more information on the standard over here.

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