6 major events at Grand Teton National Park



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Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is a little-known neighborhood of Yellowstone. Most-known, however, does not mean less. Despite the recent partial closure and entry restrictions of Yellowstone, both park cycles were reopened on July 2, leaving Grand Teton fully open. This is a great time to travel south and see what Grand Teton has to offer. Here are 6 great things to do in this national park.

6 major events at Grand Teton National Park

1. Look at the wildlife

Grand Teton National Park is home to a variety of wildlife. You can look forward to seeing buffalo, deer, and perhaps bears. The best time to identify wildlife is in the morning or evening, and some popular places include Schwabacher’s Landing. Be sure to follow safety guidelines when viewing wildlife. Stay 25 yards away from any weed animals such as buffalo and bananas and 100 yards from bears such as bears.

Binoculars, as well as magnifying glasses, are great ways to see animals “closely” without endangering you and their safety. If you don’t have a good camera of your own, but still want to get some amazing photos, the nearby city of Jackson offers a number of solutions, including guided wildlife photo tours and cameras for rent for your visit. Finally, because Grand Teton is in Grecier, it is highly recommended to buy or rent a bear spray and stay in a group.

2. Enjoy the water

Another great thing to do in Grand Teton is to enjoy the beautiful beaches! The park offers options for each activity. Imagine floating on a river. Groups like Snake River Angler offer guided tours. Meanwhile, Colter Bay Marina is closed this year due to declining water levels, the bay is still open for swimming and may add a refreshing change to your experience in the park.

Enjoy the water

3. Spend the night

One of the best ways to see everything that Grand Teton National Park has to offer is to spend the night. When you can drive in the park in one day, it means you will miss the amazing walks, wildlife, and beautiful views. Fortunately, when it comes to a night out, you have so many options! If you are looking to enjoy the many amenities, consider visiting one of the park’s hotels or staying in nearby Jackson County. Staying in Jackson means you have to drive twenty minutes to get to the park. Although both options may be a little expensive.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly stay, consider camping in or near the park. There are several campgrounds in the park. Meanwhile, the Bridge-Teton National Forest, located outside the park, offers a wide range of free camping services (including car parks). With the exception of the last resort (as a dispersed camp will be the first in nature), this is the best way to make sure you can make sure you plan your accommodation as soon as possible.

Spend the night

4. Go for a walk

One of the best activities in Grand Teton is hiking! The park offers walks for all skill levels, from short day walks to long, overnight packing options. If you are looking for a beautiful hiking trail, check out the hidden waterfalls for a 1.2 mile hike and boat trip. For a better option, the Phelps Lake Trail is 7 miles long and offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Take a walk

5. Explore the surrounding area

Grand Teton National Park itself is absolutely beautiful, but the surrounding area is also not out of play. As mentioned earlier, the nearby Jackson Hall offers a resort and a grocery store. It also offers a variety of restaurants, shops and activities such as the beach. If you have more time, Dubois Wyoming is a small town about an hour away and has retained its old Western sense of modernity.

The Bridge-Teton National Forest, directly outside the park, offers a number of walking options as well as access to the famous ski resort for the Togote Pass. Finally, the Yellowstone National Park is located across the park. While the Yellowstone is being closed due to unprecedented flooding, the park’s southern loop reopened on June 22 and the northern loop reopened on July 2 with limited services.

Explore the surrounding area

6. Enjoy the show

One of the most impressive features of the Grand Teton National Park is its landscape. The Teton region towers offer spectacular views and spectacular sunsets over the park. Lakes, such as Lake Jenny, mark the landscape with gushing water, and the Snake River blows through the park. Spending some time easily taking in the natural environment around you can be a good (and peaceful) way to spend a day.

Enjoy Scenery

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