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They are biofilms Renewable energy sirens, beginners with amazing huge market prospects, from aviation to transportation and shipping. Companies can’t throw themselves into the problem, and more than a few have broken down in the process.

A newcomer hopes that in this fairy tale it is Ulysses, who will be able to cross the rocky shores that sank a little more than before.

XFuel is now narrowing its hopes on a modular filter design that can produce up to 85% lower and replace carbon-neutral carbon-neutral marine and diesel vehicles in the future.

The Dublin-based startup today announced a 2 8.2 million investment round, led by ANU’s new German VC company and led by Union Square Ventures and HAX / SOSV.

XFuel is currently producing marine and diesel-grade fuels and aviation fuels.

“It’s a direct replacement for fossils,” said co-founder and CEO Nicholas Ball. “The focus here was on developing technology to produce comparable or low-cost fossil fuels. We’ve been on this R&D route for a number of years, a lot of trial and error.

The result, he said, is a demonstration of “the technology we have and the modulations we are trying to incorporate here.”

XFuel’s work focuses on what the company calls mechanical catalytic conversion, which helps to dissipate plant material and dissipate heat, chemical reactions, and speeds. (The ball, when pressed, is no different.)

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