Winter weather in Montana has delayed travel for many.



BILLINGS – Winter weather caused travel delays for some in Billings on Saturday – and for Sherry Brewster-Cole, she may miss a major life event.

“My mom and I are trying to get up to Sydney to see my daughter,” Brewster-Cole said on Saturday.

Brewster-Cole traveled from Deer Lodge to Billings to catch a flight at Billings-Logan International Airport (BIL) with her mother, who lives in Billings. Her daughter is currently in Sydney, competing in the Montana Class A state competition for speech.

But Brewster-Cole said their plans were being delayed by the weather.

“They kept sending emails that they were delaying our flight. But when we got here, they said it was probably going to be canceled,” Brewster-Cole said. “I wish they’d said it before we got here. But headquarters said it was too late.”

Several flights at BIL today are delayed in arrival and departure times due to weather. According to FlightView, three flights from Billings were canceled Saturday.
Brewster-Cole feared that their flight would eventually be canceled – and they would miss the end of the race.

“It’s her senior year. (We’re) hoping to get to see her,” Brewster-Cole said. “Especially because my mom is 83.”

According to Brewster-Cole, her mother had never seen her daughter compete before, so this meant a lot.

“I feel sad,” Brewster-Cole said.

Across the country, travelers also had trouble getting around.

Road Events in Montana 1/28 5 pm

Montana Highway Patrol incident map

Road Events in Montana 1/28 5 pm

Here in Billings, some have reported that the weather is affecting drive times.

Brandon Alden said he had trouble driving to the Billings YMCA on Saturday to work out.

“I’ve been stuck here a couple of times trying to work,” Alden said Saturday. “We were wandering around so bad.”

Regardless, Alden said he’s still having a great day.

“I’m in a good mood,” Alden said, “the snow always makes me happy.

And he still goes to the gym – which means other travelers like Sherry Brewster-Cole make it to their final destination.

“The flight is delayed to 1:16, the final is at 4. So if it goes we will have time to get there,” said Brewster-Cole.


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