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With AdRev, you don’t need to buy expensive keyword tools or unnecessary software add-ons or pay platform fees to launch and manage your own ads.

AdRev.tech (AdRev) is proud to announce the launch of its Hybrid AI™ ad-tech platform, built to bring a managed service model to any advertising effort on Amazon.

AdRev’s new platform represents a fundamental shift in how ads are managed on Amazon, empowering the 10 million sellers and sellers across all of Amazon’s 21 marketplaces to set goals for groups or product catalogs instead of creating and managing their own campaigns in the Amazon Ads console. . AdRev offers a completely hands-on approach that requires minimal resources and a simple user experience, and promises significant time savings over all third-party Amazon advertising solutions.

Powering the platform is the first-of-its-kind AdRev Hybrid AI™ ad-tech platform, combining machine learning with human intelligence to give marketers and publishers the only tool to manage ads. AdRev’s team of experts uses proprietary software to design, plan and manage advertising strategy, launch campaigns, optimize targeting, deliver viable and sustainable recurring revenue from advertising, and maximize ad spend.

With the ever-changing Amazon advertising platform and the loss of information and complexity through expanding ad features, it has become nearly impossible to implement an integrated advertising strategy that delivers scalable spend while maintaining ROAS targets. Now Adriv simplifies the task for marketers into a simple margin calculation, and delivers results for monthly spend of $100 or $1 million – for a single product or for huge catalogs.

We buy revenue through advertising and offer unlimited growth opportunities in all marketplaces. It’s an unfair advantage over Amazon, says an AdRev spokesperson: “With AdRev, you don’t need to buy expensive keyword tools or unnecessary software add-ons or pay platform fees to launch and manage your own ads. He continued, “AdRev provides solutions to businesses of all sizes, from those in the early stages of growth to Fortune 500 clients seeking simple and efficient solutions for their advertising needs.

AdRev is free to start, and businesses can set up their first ad campaign in seconds. Pricing plans fit every size of business, from the Basic plan for just $99/month to the White Glove Enterprise plan with dedicated account management, multi-channel advertising strategy and Demand Side Platform (DSP) support.

AdRev is proudly made in the USA and used worldwide. For more information about AdRev and how to start your advertising journey, please visit our website at http://www.adrev.tech.

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